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10 Must-Have Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools Guaranteed To Generate Leads


Are you struggling with your current conversion rate? Do you want to discover how to make your marketing efforts more conversion-friendly? If that’s the case, a conversion rate optimisation tool could be the most effective way for your company to learn what’s preventing customers from converting to your site.

Conversion rate optimisation is hard, however, with the right conversion optimisation tools, you can fix a weak conversion funnel. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert to use these tools. 

This article highlights 10 of the top CRO tools to help improve your conversion rate. Want to learn more about conversion rate optimisation? Check out this blog post

Before we get started on the effective conversion rate optimisation tools, let’s first understand what makes a good conversion rate score. You must first determine whether your present conversion rates are good, awful, or just ordinary before taking action to increase them. This is because conversion rates vary greatly by industry, product, service, and target audience.

What’s a Good Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors who take the desired action – making a purchase, downloading an eBook, signing up for a service or attending an event. A good conversion rate depends on the industry, however, a good score is between 2.5 to 3%. What this means is that for every 100 visitors, 2-3 must take an action – either signing up for a newsletter or downloading an eBook. The average conversion score is 5%.

Best Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools

Below are 10 of the best conversion rate optimisation tools guaranteed to boost your conversion rate score and get more visitors to convert. 



Hotjar is a behaviour analytics conversion tool that allows you to track and measure user behaviour and input.

What it does is that it identifies the pain points of your customer’s experience and gives you feedback on what to do. Hotjar allows you to record screen recordings and create heat maps that show how your users interact with your website. Hotjar does have a free version, but it’s quite limited. Hotjat lets you see how visitors navigate and interact with your site and what pulls them back from converting. 

Conversion funnels can also be used to see where your audience abandons the purchasing process. This data aids in the understanding of your conversion process, allowing you to optimize it and keep more leads in your funnel.

Crazy Egg


If you’re looking to test new conversion rate optimisation ideas, Crazy Egg is another top CRO tool.

Crazy Egg is a heatmap and testing application that aids in the collection and evaluation of visual data as well as the testing of site updates. Crazy Egg can be used to test different variables and changes to your website, as well as observe how users interact with it. 

Crazy Egg provides you with glimpses of your visitors’ behaviour using its entire array of heat maps and clicks tracking. A/B testing can also be used to determine which of your optimisation theories is correct. It also has the capability of segmenting clicks by source, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your connections. It allows you to identify if there are any weaknesses in your site design that you can fix to make it easier for users to convert.

Crazy Egg is an excellent tool for better understanding your audience’s experience so that you can improve your site and increase conversions. It aids in the collection and evaluation of visual data as well as the testing of site updates.

Google Analytics 


With Google being the king of search engines, Google Analytics is one of the most useful tools for determining what people search for. It also displays useful CRO information such as the devices those visitors use, their demographics, how long they stay on your site, backlink sources, and more. 

It’s free to use, but if your website has more than 10 million monthly visitors and you need additional data, you may upgrade to Google Analytics 360.


Google Analytics allows you to track real-time traffic patterns, traffic sources, and target conversion rates. You may also track typical metrics like sessions and session duration to see where visitors leave and which web pages have the highest bounce rates.

Google PageSpeed


Website visitors are mostly in a hurry; they don’t have the luxury of time to wait for your page to load and then get to know the next steps. Pages that take a long time to load might have a major influence on your conversion rate. With Google’s Core Web Vitals (insert blog post link) emphasising page speed and responsiveness, Google PageSpeed Insights examines the load speed of your website and makes recommendations for improving it on desktop and mobile devices. It shows you how long it takes for your site to load on both mobile and desktop.

If your site is slow to load, Google will provide you with advice on how to make it faster. 

  • Reducing the size of your image files
  • HTTP Request Minimisation
  • Reducing the number of 301 redirects
  • Using browser caching and other techniques

The better your page site, the more engaged your users and the more conversions.

Google Optimize 


Google Optimize is an experiment and testing platform that connects with Google Analytics. It may be used to A/B test, split test, and multivariate test (MVT) multiple versions of web pages to see how they perform. You can improve your website and user experience by doing these tests, which will help you get more conversions for your business.

It’s free for everyone with a Google account, simple to use, and you can make live edits without knowing any code thanks to Google’s Chrome plugin. You can also review reports in one location because it interacts with Google Analytics.

Heap Analytics


Heap Analytics is another qualitative data collection platform that records visitor activities such as clicks, form submissions, and transactions to discover the most effective behaviours and marketing channels. Heap also offers a simple data analytics dashboard that is quite useful and simple to use. Unlike Google Analytics, you don’t need to build additional ‘events’ to track simple website interactions while utilising the program.

It doesn’t just collect data; it also records every action taken by your users. The user interface is straightforward, the system can be up and operating in minutes, and the data visualisation is impressive. Managing numerous sites with the same account, on the other hand, has posed issues for some users.



TypeForm is useful if you want to get your audience’s feedback on your conversion process. Create forms and surveys using Typeform to initiate dialogues with your audience. You can start typing questions to ask your audience with this tool.

When you’ve decided what questions to ask, TypeForm lets you add graphics to your form or survey to make it more engaging. This tool is excellent for determining what is preventing your audience from converting so that you can enhance your conversion process.



FullStory can help your company figure out where users are having trouble understanding your site and when they are having trouble converting. This tool offers you vital information into what is causing your company to lose money. This is a fantastic tool for pinpointing friction areas in your conversion process. It aids in improving the user experience, resulting in more leads engaging with your site and finally converting.

Survey Monkey


To collect feedback on your conversion process, you can use Survey Monkey to build and send personalised surveys to your audience. It’s a great approach to immediately reach out to your audience and ask for feedback on how to enhance your process. To collect feedback on your conversion process, you can use Survey Monkey to build and send personalised surveys to your audience.

It’s a great approach to immediately reach out to your audience and ask for feedback on how to enhance your process. You can use SurveyMonkey to create feedback forms, employee surveys, quizzes, and simple question boxes for everyone.



Testing, identifying, and implementing a conversion rate optimisation strategy are the keys to success. The AI-powered platform from Optimizely allows you to run tests on any device or platform, including mobile apps, TV apps, and even IoT apps. It also offers A/B and multivariate testing, as well as assisting you in determining which control groups are significant.



Woopra is a customer-centric data solution that allows you to track a user’s journey through time and learn how they convert. Woopra provides you with vital information about your customers’ conversion routes, allowing you to better understand what may be preventing them from converting.

How Do I Know If My CRO Tool Is Working?

Many CRO tools come with built-in analytics, which makes it simple to track success because data points like conversion rates and engagement metrics are constantly updated as visitors interact with your site or content. Some CRO tools provide a broad range of metrics while others may concentrate on a single topic.

Furthermore, some CRO tools provide pre-built reports and campaign dashboards that can help you see what’s working and what’s not by providing insights into specific tasks.

Start Improving Your Conversion Rate Today

With this list of the most effective conversion rate optimisation tools, you’ll be well on your way to raising your conversion rate and generating more qualified leads for your company. If you’re not certain how to start, LifteWP can help. Get in touch with us today to help you improve your conversion rate and drive results.


CRO tools gather information about a website and its users to help site owners better understand how their visitors use their site and to discover and test potential modifications to improve conversion rates.

If you’re going to use CRO tools, make sure it’s not hacked, especially if you’re performing studies. Your CRO tools must be safe and secure. Single sign-on, multi-step logins, and other security features can help. Check for these important aspects in the CRO tool you’re considering.

You want to provide more of what your target audience enjoys on your site in order to provide seamless and high-quality experiences.

As a result, you’ll get more quality traffic to your site, more conversions, and more income. Furthermore, there is a strong link between providing amazing client experiences and increasing revenue.

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