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8 Powerful Blogger Outreach Tools To Maximise Your Outreach In 2022 

Struggling to build a solid blogger outreach strategy? These blogger outreach tools might be what you need to get started as they make the process go more smoothly. Despite the time-consuming nature of blogger outreach, it can result in increased traffic, sales, and money. In a previous post, I discussed what blogger outreach is and how to develop a solid strategy.

Whether you’re looking for influencers and popular blogs, sending out emails or managing your outreach efforts, this list is sure to transform the way you approach this aspect of marketing.

Why Do You Need Blogger Outreach Tools?

Those who are just getting started with their blogs should learn how to discover bloggers in order to make more money. In 2022, things will be different than they were some years ago when people could easily add keywords to their websites and rank for a variety of topics.

Even producing 3000+ words of content won’t help a website rank higher today if the keyword has a lot of competition. Blogger outreach can help with this as it aids in the natural creation of more backlinks. It’s always a good idea to employ the best blogger outreach tools if you’re a business looking for bloggers for link-building, guest posting or any other reason.

Small businesses may also use blogger outreach tools to discover relevant bloggers, develop a contact list, design email templates and manage an outreach campaign while making the process easier and faster.

Blogger outreach tools also allow you to reach out to your target audience in a seamless manner, influence their purchasing decisions and promote your content.

Now that you know what blogger outreach is and how important these tools are to your business, let’s find out some of the best blogger outreach tools of 2022 that can help bloggers increase traffic on their website, get a loyal following, and build a credible brand.

Effective Blogger Outreach Tools to Help You

Below is a list of 8 of the most effective blogger outreach tools that you can use for your outreach efforts and campaigns:

Ninja Outreach 


Ninja Outreach is a time-saving influencer marketing tool if you want to find new bloggers quickly. Although it’s not free, you may try it out for free for seven days. It also comes with many benefits:

  • You can cancel within 7 days
  • It has a comprehensive list of bloggers gathered from all around the internet by its algorithm
  • You can also track conversation histories, open emails, clicks, and replies with the program.
  • Ninja Outreach provides a large influencer database where you can locate and connect with bloggers and influencers in your niche and area.
  • The tool allows you to run automated email outreach campaigns for guest posts, link building, content promotion, lead generation, or any other purposes.


If you’re sending out emails or connecting with influencers, this is a great tool. Buzzstream is a powerful influencer discovery and email outreach tool for connecting with and managing relationships with diverse influencers. What’s great about this tool is the email templates it has which may be customized. It also allows for the sending of automated follow-up emails.

BuzzStream is an “all-in-one” outreach tool that lets you handle everything from locating influencers to administering your campaigns once you’ve made contact with them.

  • Collect email addresses and social profiles on the go using BuzzStream’s browser plugin. 
  • Influencers can also be found by searching for keywords and URLs.
  • Filter and segment leads, depending on a variety of factors, such as relationship status, website authority, tags, and the number of followers.
  • Segments can also be saved as filters to be used later. 
  • You have the option of scheduling emails or sending them right away.
  • Choose from a variety of email templates or make your own to save for late
  • Follow up on campaigns: follow up on emails that haven’t been opened or responded to. 
  • View detailed reports that show the effectiveness of campaigns.


BuzzSumo is a marketing tool that may be used in a variety of ways to locate influencers and trending topics. 

How might BuzzSumo assist you with your outreach efforts? 

  • Find top influencers with the most engagement in your niche across several social media platforms
  • Create notifications for keyword mentions, your brand, your competitors, and your products. 
  • Generate new leads as well as identify top and trending influencers. 
  • Discover the most popular and widely shared articles for any keyword. 
  • Investigate your competitors’ social media data to see what’s working for them


Looking to build a strong relationship with influencers and professional bloggers? Traackr is your go-to blogger outreach tool. Traackr is an influencer relationship management software that enables you to effectively engage with influencers. It does more than just help you locate local social media influencers. You can also manage your relationships and track how big of an impact each one has on your business once you’ve reached out.

Truth is, reaching out to bloggers takes time. Plus, there is no assurance that you will succeed. The way each influencer is graded based on reach and relevancy is one of the tool’s best features.

  • Conversation tracking software. 
  • Traackr has you covered if you want to connect with important influencers through a targeted outreach campaign.
  • It keeps track of influencer activity and allows you to contact them at the appropriate time and at the right place.
  • Tools for importing and exporting data as well as managing user-generated content.



Klear is a free influencer marketing tool that offers some influencer finding tools for free. The tools that are free to use include Twitter influencers, Facebook Influencers, YoutTube influencers, Hashtag finding, Sponsored Posts, and a few more. While these free tools are great to use, the actual purpose of Klear is to simplify the pitching process. This means users can pitch influencers and bloggers through the dashboard provided by Klear itself. It doesn’t have a price schedule, so you will have to contact the service to get the job done.

Klear is the place to go if you want to employ influencer marketing tools that are free to use.

Key Features of Klear:

  • Influencers can be found for free.
  • The pitching procedure has been simplified.
  • CRM system that includes program tracking and analytics.
  • Klear makes it simple for you to identify relevant contacts in your field.
  • You may spend more time producing messages and connecting with your list because you don’t have to spend nearly as much time looking for contact information.



Pitchbox is a content marketing and influencer outreach tool for brands and small enterprises. It’s a great tool for locating suitable blogs and conducting successful email outreach and follow-ups to aid your sales process. Pitch Box is a comprehensive set of tools for reaching out to bloggers. The goal of using the Pitch Box is to keep track of all of these operations in one place rather than using several tools to do a single activity.

For both automated and manual email outreach, PitchBox is a terrific tool. It gives performance reporting in order to determine what is and is not working.

  • Find niche-specific opportunities, including contact details, URLs, social media profiles, and more.
  • You can tailor your outreach by using templates that will help you increase your response rate.
  • You can stay in touch with prospects with automated follow-up tools. 
  • Keep track of all your emails
  • Manage relationships with influencers and bloggers. 
  • Keep track of what’s working, what isn’t and where you can make improvements. 
  • A simple dashboard that is easy to grasp.


Mailshake is an outreach tool geared toward link-building campaigns. It aids in the creation and distribution of cold email campaigns and assists in creating and executing successful outreach campaigns.

 It allows you to automate the process and track who has opened, clicked, and replied to your emails.

  • Send individual emails to a list of recipients in one go with Mail Merge. All you have to do is create a template and fill in the blanks with Mailshake’s built-in settings. Individual emails can also be readily customised.
  • Set a schedule for sending emails and automate follow-ups.
  • You may establish drip campaigns to schedule emails depending on time, triggers, and actions in addition to scheduled emails.
  • Keep track of leads, who are defined as anyone who responds to you in Mailshake, and sort them by “Won,” “Lost,” and “Ignored.”


Inkybee is a low-cost blogger outreach platform with options like “Google Analytics” and “Campaign Management. It gathers and filters a list of blogs by using Twitter to locate them and also keeps a record of your campaign’s progress.

  • Set marketing goals and buyer personas with ease.
  • Aids in the identification of the intended audience.
  • Make a great pitch and reach out to bloggers.
  • Find out how many followers they have, who they are, and when they were last active.



Hunter.io is a great email outreach tool since it lets users identify, validate, and track emails, making it useful throughout the email marketing process. Whether you want to find out if the email was delivered to the intended recipient or if it was opened, Hunter makes it easier than ever.

  • 100 free requests every month with this blog outreach software.
  • When you visit a website, you can use the Google extension to find the email right away.
  • Domain search 
  • Schedule emails
  • Track outreach campaigns 
  • Email verification and personalization 

Choosing The Right Blogger Outreach Tool

When learning more about a product, service, or brand, consumers frequently turn to bloggers. These outreach tools will help you increase your outreach operations. They will help you identify bloggers, establish contact lists, and send out automated email campaigns, among other things.

Looking for a blogger outreach service? Our blogger outreach service is targeted to help businesses like yours with the right strategy to help you grow.

Which of the tools are you familiar with and which additional blogger outreach tool should we add to this list? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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