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6 Best WordPress Project Management Plugins In 2022

Best WordPress project management plugins

When it comes to running a business, staying on top of projects, responsibilities, and business at the same time can be difficult. And it doesn’t matter the industry you’re in. There is, however, a solution, and that comes with choosing the best WordPress project management plugins.

We’ll save you time and effort because finding the best tools while avoiding being distracted by the less-than-ideal ones can be difficult. This usually entails collaborating with a group of people to achieve pre-determined goals and objectives. 

That’s why WordPress project management plugins are essential for teams working in real estate, social media, web development, marketing, and various other small businesses.

Choosing The Best WordPress Project Management Plugins 

Best WordPress project management plugins

The best WordPress project management plugins include solutions that various companies can use. The following are some of the critical characteristics to look for in the top WordPress project management plugins:

1. File Management

File management helps you share and view documents in one central location. That way, the team has access to the project’s resources, and no information gets missing. 

2. Task Management

Create assignments with detailed descriptions and allocate them to particular team members.

3. Project Monitoring 

A WordPress project management plugin will track progress automatically, allowing you to keep track of your team’s development. In addition, most WordPress plugins have a visual interface that makes it easy to see blockages and meet deadlines.

4. Milestones

To track your project’s progress and motivate your team, you can use the best WordPress project management plugins to create milestones.

5. Integration 

Google Drive and WooCommerce for managing eCommerce sites are examples of WordPress plugins and applications offering extensions and third-party integrations to streamline your workflow.

The plugin should also be simple to use and affordable for your business. With that said, we’ve compiled the best WordPress project management plugins. 

You’ll find both paid and free project management plugins for WordPress to help you make the right decision. 

Free Project Management Plugins For WordPress 

WordPress project management plugins

1. SP Project And Document Manager 

The primary purpose of SP Project and Document Manager is to assist your business in sharing files quickly and efficiently among clients, teams, and vendors. With this plugin, you can upload an unlimited number of files and projects of any size.

This WordPress management plugin offers a simple dashboard interface that makes it simple to use. Add Folder, Add File, and Embed Video are just a few options available on each tab.

The SP Project and Document Manager plugin allow you access and privacy control over your documents.

The project management plugin is entirely under the authority of the WordPress site’s administrator. They can view and add files to their users’ folders and regulate who has access to them.

The administrator will receive an email notification when a customer uploads a file. Administrators can also keep track of each user’s activities and save all project papers in a ZIP archive.

You’ll need to upgrade to the plugin’s premium edition to use advanced features like adding tasks, reminders, and comments to a file. A single-site licence for SP Project Document Manager Premium costs $75 per year.

2. Upstream Project Management Plugin 

UpStream’s free project management plugins for WordPress is a free application that allows you to manage any form of the project from within your WordPress website. In addition, the frontend project view allows your clients to keep track of the development of their projects. 

You can also create milestones, problem reports, and a project discussion thread where everyone involved can communicate with one another.

Although the core plugin is free, premium extensions are available that allow you to add frontend editing and project timelines. Calendar View, Custom Fields, Customizer, and Email Notifications are among the paid extensions available, with Calendar View, Customizer, Custom Fields, and Email Notifications among the most popular.

For updates, support, and a few extensions, the price starts at $39.50 per year. When you choose larger packages, the actual extension packs come into play. Unfortunately, you don’t appear to buy the extensions separately.

Overall, UpStream appears to be a feasible project management option for anyone trying to save money without losing quality. You can modify fields and colours for your organisation and create an endless number of projects and users.

3. Zephyr Project Manager 

Zephyr Project Manager is a modern and user-friendly WordPress project management plugin. This feature-rich programme has a lovely layout that makes it simple to keep track of all of your activities and projects.

You can create unlimited projects with the plugin and track their progress using one of the numerous built-in capabilities. 

For example, a dedicated file manager website allows you to access your files. You may also create charts to track your tasks or graphically examine them in a calendar. It’s one of the best free project management plugins for WordPress. 

You can use this plugin to better manage your workload by converting projects into tasks, prioritising certain items, and receiving email notifications. You may also utilise the discussion panel to communicate with your team and share files and messages.

For $49, you can get the Pro licence, which allows you to use it on an infinite number of websites. In addition, you’ll be able to access more complex capabilities, such as the ability to personalise the front end, as a result of this.

3 Best WordPress Project Management Plugins 

free project management plugins for WordPress

1. WP Project Manager 

This plugin allows you and your team to manage WordPress tasks and projects without leaving your dashboard. 

Advanced capabilities are included in the tool, satisfying even the most discerning power users. You can, for example, assign tasks, set due dates, make an endless number of to-do lists, and attach files to messages.

You can additionally track milestones and categorize them into three groups:

  • Upcoming 
  • Completed
  • Late

Although WP Project Manager is designed for expert users, its straightforward interface makes it simple to use. In addition, each user has a customised dashboard, which makes it simple to interact with and stay on top of projects. 

With the premium version, you can design a frontend board, invoice your clients, make Gantt charts, and more.

2. CoSchedule 

CoSchedule is a WordPress plugin with many features to make project management easier for teams and individuals.

Project managers can organise their marketing duties straight from their WordPress dashboard using its built-in tools, making it easy to keep track of progress and deadlines.

This WordPress project management plugin’s content organiser is a fantastic feature. It allows you to manage projects, publish material, and schedule updates from your WordPress site.

With its asset organiser, you can upload and distribute materials such as papers, videos, and audio files.

CoSchedule is a marketing calendar with a lot of visuals. To assist your team in creating a consistent workflow, mark each project’s deadline, plan events, content posting, and emails. So if you want the best WordPress project management plugins, consider CoSchedule. 

You’ll need a CoSchedule account to use this project management plugin. Plans begin at $29 per user each month, payable annually. A 14-day free trial is also available.

3. Project Panorama 

Project Panorama visualises the project process, allowing your clients and team to observe the project’s current status in real-time. Clients and team members each have their dashboard with an overview of the projects they have access to and where they are in the process. In addition, you can provide stakeholders with a visual indicator of project progress.

Panorama lets you see the overall project status, project phases, project tasks, documents or document status, significant milestones, and scheduling.

Panorama saves time and effort by calculating the time elapsed and project completion based on work completion. As a result, you’ll know exactly where you stand with the project and if you’re on track or not.

Demonstrate consumers a progress bar with critical milestones that show how the project progresses rather than referring them to a list of completed or uncompleted activities.


The best WordPress project management plugins give you a framework for organising your task lists and projects on your WordPress site. Some are WordPress-specific, while others require third-party integration. 

Even so, they frequently provide similar capabilities to assist you in managing your entire organisation, such as calendars, project status and file sharing.

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