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Career Change Ideas: 800+ New Year Resolution Questions Your Clients Are Asking

career change ideas

Currently, thousands of your customers are searching for career change ideas on Google as part of their new year resolution. So if you don’t have a career blog, you’re missing out on the opportunity to get more potential customers. 

But don’t worry, we’ve gathered the career change questions they’re asking for you! 

A career blog is an essential component of the anatomy of an excellent professional career website. However, many organisations’ job websites still lack a career blog.

You’re missing out on a vast opportunity for employer branding if you’re one of them!

Your open job openings, as well as your most essential perks and benefits, are almost certainly listed on your career site.

On the other hand, a great career blog will provide potential clients with an authentic, behind-the-scenes peek at what it’s like to work for your organisation. 

You should generate content highlighting your current staff to show this to your candidates. Include testimonials and stories from your workers.

So how important should you consider the career change ideas your potential clients are asking? Here are a few facts you should note. 

higher search engine rankings = more traffic to your site.

Why Your Potential Clients Are Asking For  Career Change Ideas

  1. London Business School polled 1,000 people and found that 47% wanted to change occupations.
  1. According to a Jobrapido survey, nearly two-thirds of the UK workforce desire to change careers. About half would pursue an apprenticeship to make this career change.
  1. COVID has caused a fifth (22%) of UK workers to realise that their current job isn’t right for them.
  1. According to new data published by the London School of Business and Finance, nearly half of all UK workers (47%) want to change careers.
  1. In the United Kingdom, 47% of workers want a career change.

So if you can answer their questions on career change ideas, you can build yourself as an authority as you boost your online presence. This forensic data will show you the career change questions your potential clients ask. Use that to grow your business. 

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Topic 2: Cover Letter

Topic 3: Full Time

Topic 4: Career Changers

Topic 5: Part Time

Topic 6: Work Life Balance

Topic 7: Career Change At 40

Topic 8: Career Path

Topic 9: Family And Friends

Topic 10: Good Idea

Topic 11: Job Satisfaction

Topic 12: Working Environment

Topic 13: Career Change At 30

Topic 14: Career Choice

Topic 15: Career Option

Topic 16: Career Change At 35 Ideas

Topic 17: Successful Career

Topic 18: Days Job

Final Thoughts

These career change ideas forensic data can help you develop a high-quality blog post that answers your potential client’s pain points. 

But after you develop all of these fantastic articles that you write based on your potential clients’ questions on career change ideas, what’s next? Putting together material can be complex, and simply posting on your blog may not be enough. 

It’s necessary to develop a content plan that extends from your blog article across many social media platforms. Unfortunately, repeating this process one or two times will not yield significant results. 

Writing and developing content should be a weekly assignment for your team to complete. However, if you don’t have a team yet, we can help. LiftedWP offers one of the industry’s best SEO services and content creation

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