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SEO Pricing UK: How Much Does Dental SEO Cost In 2022? 

SEO pricing UK

If your dental practice has been online for a while, then you probably know how crucial dental SEO is for your business. If not, you are probably losing countless patients. However, good SEO isn’t cheap, and that’s where SEO pricing Uk comes in. 

It’s essential to understand how the dental SEO cost works. 

On Google’s first page of search results, there is a limited amount of space dominated by locator maps, business listings, and sponsored adverts. Organic search results, which used to be prominent near the top of the page, are now scarcely visible unless you scroll down. 

Compare the number of dentists in your area to the number of open positions on the first page of Google’s search results. You’ll know that dental SEO is far from free.

This guide will help you understand the dental SEO cost in the UK. Through that, you can make an informed decision when working with dental SEO services. 

Let’s begin. 

SEO Pricing UK: The Quick Answer To Dental SEO Cost 

SEO pricing UK

The short answer to the SEO prices Uk is that it depends. Let’s go further. SEO is a broad discipline with numerous components. According to a detailed analysis by Backlinko, the average SEO cost for small firms in the United States was $497, equating to a monthly SEO budget of £362.83 for small enterprises in the United Kingdom.

The broad pricing variation may create some concerns, as you can discover SEO services pricing and SEO packages for as little as £15.32 on sites like Fiverr. On the other hand, huge companies conduct SEO campaigns with monthly budgets of about £5,000+ to £10,000+. 

So, what factors contribute to such a significant price differential in SEO services. And why does SEO cost so much? Let’s dive further. 

What Exactly Is Dental DEO Cost? 

We don’t mean spending money on pay-per-click advertising when we talk about SEO pricing in the UK or how much SEO will cost. We mean the cost of increasing organic traffic to a website by improving its search engine ranking. 

In the United Kingdom, there are hundreds of SEO agencies and digital marketing firms. Individuals and organisations can hire them for various SEO services for their websites.   

Before discussing the factors that influence the differences in prices, let’s find out how those businesses charge.

SEO Pricing UK Structures 

Dental SEO cost

To understand the SEO prices, you must first understand the various pricing strategies professional dental SEO services and freelancers employ. These can range from hourly rates to one-time project costs, and your finance may dictate which type of service is best for you.

Hourly Rates 

This is particularly typical among freelancers, sole proprietorship SEO firms, and small or medium SEO agencies. In addition, the advantages of an hourly rate allow for greater flexibility in project finance for smaller enterprises and greater flexibility in project work. 

SEO agencies and digital marketing organisations rarely use this form of SEO pricing. It is, nevertheless, a recommended cost structure for SEO freelancers or those who work as sole traders and provide SEO or marketing services.

Fixed or Monthly Retainer 

Dental SEO services will frequently charge a monthly fee for SEO services. This is the most popular cost structure used by SEO agencies and digital marketing firms of any size. A small or medium-sized business retains the agency’s services on an ongoing basis to execute SEO on their website for a fixed monthly fee. 

Small local SEO solutions can cost anything from £299 to £499 per month, with larger SEO campaigns costing anywhere from £999 to upwards of £10,000. 

Due to the time-consuming settings required for professional SEO or digital marketing campaigns, this is normal for a minimum of six months. Furthermore, in particular, more competitive areas, SEO project results can only be accurately quantified after 3-6 months; thus, this pricing model considers that. 

A great SEO campaign’s complexity and time-intensive requirements are typically utilised in mid-size and bigger SEO businesses. However, it is also becoming more regularly used in smaller agencies.

Project Cost Model

Mid-and large-sized firms commonly utilise another pricing strategy. It works by defining the project’s scope before beginning and producing single work parts with a set cost (or multiple elements with a fixed cost assigned to each). 

In most cases, a day or hourly rate is used, which considers the agency’s operational costs (software and service costs, staff costs, etc.) and profit margin.  

More complex factors are often considered when the agency calculates their rate, such as the size of the client and the possibility of providing other ongoing work (if they have multiple companies under a group, for example).

Results-Based Payment

SEO contains too many factors outside of a digital agency’s control to make this a feasible payment strategy for anything other than PPC. So the paid by results pricing model is only applicable to Pay Per Click initiatives.

Any business that guarantees you the number one position in SERPs is most likely doing two things.

  • Failing to tell the truth
  • Violating Google’s webmaster guidelines. And that can result in a penalty or, worse, removal from Google’s index. In addition, returning from this condition can be extremely difficult, time-consuming, and challenging. And that will require the assistance of qualified dental SEO services.

SEO Credits 

This is a modern price structure in which a client buys a certain number of monthly credits that can be used to pay for digital marketing operations on an ongoing basis. 

This gives the customer some control over how much they spend each month. But it can make it difficult for an agency to design a cohesive and planned campaign.

Because there are so many distinct areas to address in even medium rivalry marketplaces these days, any SEO strategy should be designed appropriately.

Most established and good dental SEO services use a monthly retainer or per project pricing method. However, independent contractors or companies servicing smaller contracts typically employ the hourly or daily rate. The benefit of a retainer or per-project pricing plan is that it is usually tied to measurable KPIs.

Now let’s talk about the factors that influence the dental SEO cost in the UK. 

Factors That Influence SEO Pricing UK 

SEO prices

Dental SEO services in the United Kingdom can be packaged and offered as SEO packages or individual SEO services. 

For instance, link building is one part of a good SEO campaign. You can find SEO services that solely offer a link building campaign, which may include submitting your firm to local directories and collaborating with industry experts but excludes any on-page technical SEO.

SEO agencies also perform on-page SEO, such as fixing your headers, descriptions, titles, URLs, images, alt text, and metadata. But these agencies don’t perform off-page SEO, such as generating referring domains and backlinks from high DA (domain authority) websites, to help your website gain authority.

List Of Individual Of SEO Pricing UK 

Individual components of an SEO plan, such as keyword research, may be offered as a separate service by some SEO firms. Here’s a rundown of some parts of an SEO campaign that can be provided separately as SEO services.

This is the reason for the enormous price disparity in SEO services. For example, you may spend less for individual SEO services such as link building, keyword research, CTR optimisation, and technical SEO than for a fully completed and custom-built SEO strategy that contains the best combination of all of the above.

So, the main distinction is between paying for SEO methods and paying for SEO strategies. The methods are the various components that make up an SEO service, while strategies are the best combination of those tactics to form a campaign. 

So, if you want to know how much a dental SEO costs in the UK, it’ll depend on investing in methods or a comprehensive strategy.

You Can Pay Premium For Dental SEO Cost In The UK 

SEO pricing

You may, however, pay a premium for an SEO specialist. For example, an SEO firm that specialises in link building campaigns may charge a premium for that service.

Aside from that, an SEO agency’s experience and credibility and the price tag that they identify with their brands’ worth are other significant factors affecting SEO services’ price.

Larger, more established firms with large portfolios and client testimonials can justify their fees with the results and resources. However, due to limited resources and portfolios, SEO consultants and small organisations may provide more cheap pricing.

SEO Pricing UK: Setting The ROI For Any SEO Investment 

After knowing the general SEO prices, you need to know the type of ROI you’ll get on your investment. Although SEO ROI will vary from one company to the next, there is a simple approach to estimate how much SEO could be worth to you.

Here are four steps to get started: 

1. Calculate The Volume Of Organic Traffic

You must first calculate the organic traffic that competent SEO may create for you before determining any potential financial return from SEO. Next, you’ll need to go to Google’s keyword planner and enter some of your site’s most important keywords there. This will give you a monthly search volume average for those keywords.

The traffic from those searches will be shared across several websites that rank for those keywords. After all, studies show that sites that rank at the top of Google SERPs have a click-through rate of about 17%. 

The traffic for the second-ranked pages is around 10%, and for the tenth-ranked pages, the traffic is about 0.5%.

You can take those predicted click-through rates and multiply them by the average monthly traffic data you obtained earlier. This gives you an estimate of how much traffic you may expect from specific page rankings. 

Although the exact position after investing in SEO will vary, you can get a reasonable idea by looking at how your immediate competitors rank for specific keywords.

2. Estimate Your Revenue

It’s also relatively easy to predict what the estimate mentioned above of increased organic traffic might entail for your actual revenue. You’ll need simple web conversion and sales metrics for your business.

The exact metrics required are your website’s conversion rate, the close rate (percentage of leads converted into an actual business), and the average sale value. Although Google Analytics can provide accurate conversion rates, a starting point of 2% for an e-commerce site and 5% for a lead generation site is a decent place to start.

Then increase the above figures by the average monthly traffic you’ve calculated SEO will bring you. This will provide you with an estimate of the monthly revenue that SEO could get in.

3. Calculate The Profit

From estimated revenue to estimated profit is a short leap. All you have to do is deduct the expected monthly revenue figure from SEO’s potential average monthly cost.

This will show you what kind of return you may expect from various levels of SEO investment. 

4. Consider The Long Term

Dental SEO

SEO will not produce quick returns in terms of increased visitors or income. There may be minimal obvious development in any area during the early months of the SEO process.

This must be taken into account when calculating SEO ROI. The potential benefit from SEO when traffic and revenue have increased must be balanced against this period of low return on investment. Only then will you have a clear image of the overall return on investment that SEO may provide.

Do All Dental SEO Services Charge Upfront?

Any good SEO firm will typically charge upfront for any job they perform. If you have a monthly SEO package, you will be invoiced before the work is done. 

And an amount will usually be sought for expenses such as press release services, any design work required, software or plugins linked to the website development work, and so on.

Similarly, you will be expected to pay a portion of the project upfront for web design projects, usually 50%. Then another about 25% at a defined second stage, and finally the remaining and any requested extras on-site completion.

Types of Dental SEO Services You Can Use (Pros And Cons) 

Not all SEO firms are created equal, and the firm’s size can have a significant impact on the cost structure.

Hiring Freelancers 

This is at the lower end of the SEO price spectrum. To provide a ‘complete service,’ a freelancer typically works on many small projects, doing everything themselves. Unfortunately, good freelance SEOs frequently become successful agency owners. However, this path has its drawbacks. 

But it can be helpful for small local businesses looking to appear in local search results. With costs starting at £35 and upwards for even the cheapest semi-competent freelancer, this is budget-friendly for a small firm.

Freelancers SEO Pricing UK 

Hourly rates start at £35 per hour, with monthly packages starting at roughly 10 hours or £350 per month.


SEO freelancers are ideal for small businesses or those on a tight budget looking to take their initial steps into the digital world. A good freelancer can usually set up the foundation and launch a digital marketing campaign for you. It also allows the business owner to have a direct touch with the individual performing the task, which can be beneficial.


If things go wrong, primarily if illegal methods are used to inflate short-term results, it can cause tremendous harm to your company’s digital presence. And that can be far more expensive to repair than having it done correctly in the first place.

The Small Dental SEO Agency

A small SEO agency typically consists of two to ten people, including support workers. In most cases, they will manage several smaller SME campaigns and, by definition, will be targeting a small number of keywords in an SEO campaign. 

An excellent small SEO agency will also be interested in addressing technical on-page SEO concerns, doing some low-level link building, and writing the occasional tiny content post, depending on time and efficiency.

Pricing for a Small SEO Agency

Hourly rates start at £50 per hour, with monthly retainer packages ranging in price from £500 to £2000 on average.


A small SEO agency is usually a specialist agency that focuses on SEO and doesn’t use other marketing channels due to size limits. They’ll be a small group with a clear understanding of what they can and can’t accomplish. They’ll usually reply quickly to client requests and have a shared reservoir of knowledge and talents that will be put to use on projects.


They don’t know how the many digital channels combine and benefit because they are a single channel agency that focuses on SEO alone. 

There are undoubtedly a few effective agencies at this level. Still, customer expectations and project outcomes are rarely aligned. Unfortunately, this is frequently the price bracket that gives terrible value for money.

The Mid Size Dental SEO Agency

Dental SEO services

Many mid-sized agencies take a multi-channel approach to digital marketing and have teams dedicated to various aspects of search marketing.

Compared to the ordinary smaller agency or freelancer, there is a higher investment in training and software or cloud-based solutions, which means the degree of expertise and insights gained will be substantially higher.

A brilliant mid-size agency would be very strategic in its project planning while remaining flexible in its price and approach.

SEO Pricing UK For A Mid-Sized Firm

Day rates start at £500 per day, with a monthly minimum of £2000 or more. A project cost pricing with extras is something that a medium-sized agency may perform occasionally.


A mid-sized agency will have a more extensive staff and multiple team specialities more often than not. This provides a unified, comprehensive digital marketing solution required for larger brand projects or industries with solid competition. 

They have access to more professional tools, can collect and analyse more sophisticated data, and are more strategic in approaching a project, its variables, deliverables, and outcomes. 

Over and above strictly keyword-based rankings, the success of a mid-size SEO firm project is measured in terms of increased brand value, awareness, and return on investment.


When you have a more extensive staff, you may expect that not everyone is equally competent or experienced. There will be some inexperienced or trainee personnel on the project. And you must rely on the agency’s more senior staff to effectively monitor and manage these individuals to ensure that your project is free of errors.

You will also spend more than you would for a smaller agency because the mid-sized agency will have larger offices, higher overheads, and more employees to pay.

The Large Dental SEO Agency

average dental SEO pricing UK

This type of agency is a very strategic and segmented approach that prioritises the client. Large agencies are accustomed to dealing with high-demanding medium and large corporations. If giant SEO firms want to succeed, they must win at all costs. As a result, the market is a hotbed of rivalry.

A large agency would use all manner of audience profiling, heavyweight content marketing, big social marketing teams and connections; a user needs analysis, UX professionals, a solid web development team, and more.

The success of your project and the return on investment will be measured by the Key Performance Indicators used by the prominent SEO agency.

Is SEO Worth The Cost? 

When spending your hard-earned cash, you want to make sure it’s a good investment.

It’s difficult to say whether SEO is worth the money, but most clients get the results they want in the long run. It could take up to two years for your site to rank on page one of the SERPs in a competitive city.

It’s hard to guarantee exact results without a website audit and competitive analysis. In other cases, where all of the first-page results are well-optimised websites with good backlink profiles, a Google Ads campaign may be the more practical option to produce patients regularly.

Final Thoughts 

The dental SEO pricing UK is determined by various elements, including your needs and goals for SEO, the nature of your business, project size, niche competitiveness, and other unique aspects of your firm.

The harsh reality is that SEO is not the cheapest service available. But it’s critical if you want your company to thrive in the digital age. Finding a reputable firm is vital for your funds, time and security. 

That’s where we come in. if you’re searching for the best dental SEO services that are within your budget, give us a call. We’ll help you grow your business online. 

Schedule a free consultation now 

Dental SEO Pricing FAQs

SEO is a good investment if consumers are looking for your products or services. However, it’s also only worthwhile to invest in SEO if you have a substantial budget, as less expensive SEO services rarely deliver benefits.

It usually takes 4-6 months for SEO to begin to show effects, though they can often be visible much sooner.

Because there are various aspects involved in getting results, SEO takes a long time: SEO keyword difficulty, competitiveness, inbound links, and domain age. As a result, SEO can take longer or quicker depending on how you handle these critical search engine optimisation areas.

In 2022, SEO will be more crucial than ever, as more buyers look for products and services online.

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