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“Exercise More” Blog Post Ideas: 800+ New Year Resolution Questions Your Clients Are Asking

exercise more

You’re probably aware of people searching for ways to exercise more as part of their new year resolution. That’s where your business comes in. 

Building a fitness or wellness blog is a win-win business strategy since you can assist people in exercising more and getting healthier while also making a lot of money. In addition, there are numerous fitness blog post topics you can write and monetize!

Every day, an increasing number of people (many of whom may not have previously been interested in exercise) are looking for ways to exercise more, eat healthier, and learn about the advantages of natural care products. 

All of them provide chances for helpful, educational, and motivating posts.

higher search engine rankings = more traffic to your site.

Of course, regardless of how much you enjoy blogging, you’ll face writer’s block at some point. It can happen to anyone. If you’ve gotten yourself into a rut, this exercise more forensic data can help you. 

There are numerous blog topics related to fitness, wellness, and nutrition listed below. If you’re starting a wellness blog, chances are you already know a lot about at least one of these topics. You need some inspiration for what to write about.

With that said, let’s begin.

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Topic 2: Type 2 Diabetes

Topic 3: Erectile Dysfunction

Topic 4: High Blood Pressure

Topic 5: Lose Weight

Topic 6: Weight Loss

Topic 7: Heart Rate

Topic 8: High Cholesterol

Topic 9: Aerobic Exercise

Topic 10: Heart Disease

Topic 11: Cardiovascular Disease

Topic 12: Lifting Weights

Topic 13: Mayo Clinic

Topic 14: Watching TV

Topic 15: Benefits Of Exercise

Topic 16: Body Composition

Topic 17: Dance Class

Topic 18: Days Job

Topic 19: Burn Calories

Topic 20: 10-Minute Calories

Who Are Your Clients?

Do you know that companies that prioritize blog writing are more likely to see 13x more ROI results? So we recommend you use this topic research to craft high-quality blog posts for your audience. That will help you increase your online presence.

Who are your customers? What is their daily routine like? What problems do your clients go through? Do you know their ages?

Are they career-driven, mothers, career-driven, getting married, vacationing, or expecting a child? Do they need to work out around their employment, children, vacations, or working from home to get in shape for a baby or wedding?

Do they participate in any other sports, hobbies, or activities that need them to exercise? Consider your clients and the difficulties they have at the gym. This exercise more topic research will give you the ideas you need to develop great content.

Final Thoughts On Exercise More Blog Post Ideas 

These forensic facts on exercise more topic ideas might assist you in writing a high-quality blog post that addresses your potential client’s pain concerns.

But, after you’ve written all of these fantastic articles, what’s next? Putting together content is difficult, and merely posting on your blog may not be sufficient.

It’s critical to create a content strategy from your blog post to many social media channels. Unfortunately, repeating this method just once or twice will not benefit significantly.

Your team should fulfil a weekly assignment of writing and producing content. However, if you don’t have a team yet, we can assist you. LiftedWP provides some of the top SEO and content creation services.

Contact us, and let’s boost your online presence! 

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