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Hiring A CRO Agency: How Much Does CRO Cost In 2022?

As a conversion rate optimisation agency, we often get asked many questions, but one that stands out is “what’s the cost of hiring a CRO agency? When hiring a conversion rate optimisation agency, businesses often hesitate and doubt, mainly because they cannot decide among a freelancer, in-house or agency. And if you have doubts and questions, that’s normal.

A CRO firm can have a massive impact on your bottom line, but you must first ensure that you have the financial resources to pay for it. Despite its complexity, CRO maximises conversions. Unfortunately, while most online businesses are implementing CRO strategies, there’s a hard time deciding whether to outsource CRO efforts to an agency or build an in-house team.

What is a Conversion Optimisation agency?

A CRO agency is a company with a team of experienced and trained specialists who can help you with your conversion problems. They have a thorough understanding of your website and provide step-by-step instructions for a specific issue in your conversion rate optimisation efforts. A typical agency is made up of:

CRO Strategist: they are responsible for providing clients with end-to-end optimisation management. The CRO strategist meets with clients to learn about their problems, develop solutions, and create a testing strategy.

Data Analyst: As a first step, a data analyst will analyse client data and perform qualitative and quantitative research to gather insights and uncover optimisation opportunities.

Designers: With their designers, agencies can meet your design needs, ensuring that the website’s look and feel are maintained with every modification in line with the brand’s style. 

Developers: In most cases, agency developers have extensive knowledge of various technologies and languages. They can come up with solid solutions to get around challenging development issues.

Quality Assurance: A dedicated quality assurance specialist who has a keen eye for detail assesses the quality of campaigns before they are deployed employed by agencies.

How CRO can benefit your business

You may not be getting the optimal ROI on your campaigns if you spend a lot of money on traffic acquisition but don’t engage in CRO. You can make your existing traffic work harder by investing in CRO services and optimising your website, allowing your visitors to convert more quickly and early in their buying cycle.

Why a CRO agency?


Building an in-house team can sound cost-effective and great. But, do you have the needed resources, skills and technology to get results faster? Below are reasons you may want to hire a CRO agency:

You have low traffic: While a great design can draw people to your site, that’s not always the case. In instances where you have an appealing website but no traffic, a Conversion Rate optimisation agency can step in. 

Your conversion rate is low: A CRO agency can run an audit to understand why people aren’t converting and look for avenues to optimise low-converting landing pages.

Your testing velocity is low: Many businesses begin by experimenting but eventually become unable to keep up. There could be various reasons for this, including a lack of CRO knowledge, time, workforce, and software.

What does a Conversion rate optimisation agency do?

A typical CRO agency provides a wide range of marketing services, including SEO, CRO, Paid Ads, etc. However, the best strategy is to choose one that can provide professional services with a laser-sharp focus on improving your main KPI measures. 

Hiring A CRO Agency – Factors To Consider

In the UK alone, there are several CRO agencies. You might come up with a couple when doing your research, but the issue is finding the right one that suits your business needs. There are certain things to keep in mind when hiring a CRO agency. 

Have clear goals: What are your goals? Why are you looking to hire a conversion optimisation agency? For example, are you looking to increase traffic, test velocity or shoot up your conversion rate? Gaining clarity on your goals points you in the right direction on the kind of agency to hire. 

Budget and Pricing


The next factor to consider is budget and pricing. Make sure you can afford them in the long run, have faith in them, and keep your expectations low at first and realistic throughout. No one can double conversions in a single day! There are two factors to consider when it comes to price: affordability and value. If you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t sign a long-term contract with a marketing agency.

A decent rule of thumb is to check if you can pay for three months of service in advance. You shall not attempt to recoup the costs of the benefits from the profits generated by them. Investing in a skilled marketing firm can pay off handsomely, but don’t expect to treble your revenues overnight.

Dedicated resources

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If your conversion rate is low, you should hire someone to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your website and conversion funnel. They can then take up the job of upgrading your website to improve conversion rates. Ascertain that you are assigned a dedicated staff who will collaborate closely with you and implement the improvements you agree.

The ideal strategy is to engage a marketing firm that focuses solely on the abilities you require right now. The problem is that most agencies concentrate on a variety of services simultaneously. Therefore, you should see how these services can aid your business now or shortly.

Effective communication

Make sure you’re frequently in touch with the specialised team. Having a single point of contact eliminates the burden of figuring out who to call, saves time, and rapidly clears obstructions as needed.

Knowing how many conversions optimisation services cost might help you decide if they’re a suitable fit for your budget. The online world is constantly evolving, so you’ll need to select a company that regularly sends you data reports. More significantly, they come and help you grasp what’s going on whenever you have a question.

What Are The Costs Related To Conducting A Conversion Optimisation Project?

Regardless of the agency you hire for your CRO project, there are several fees involved with it:

The cost related to those doing the CRO work

Regardless of who you hire, you need to pay them for their services. Remember, a CRO project requires different roles – conversion strategist, front-end developer, UX designer, project manager and quality assurance specialist. 

The cost of software used for the project

A/B testing software, user feedback software, heatmap software, and session replay software are all examples. Clients will be expected to pay for the software utilized on the project by most CRO firms. The price of this program is determined by the number of monthly visitors your website receives.

The cost of AB tests

A conversion optimiser’s ultimate goal is to create new designs for various regions of your website. A conversion optimisation project will use AB testing software to split traffic between the original designs and the latest designs (if any). That means the new designs must be implemented to view and engage with visitors to the site. There will be certain expenditures connected with implementing the new designs. The number of tests carried out during the project determines the cost of creating AB tests.

The cost of hardcoding the site’s AB test winners: You perform an AB test and discover a winner with increased conversions. This winner, however, is not your site’s default design. Someone will have to put the new look into place on the site to become the default. 

In-house, CRO Agency or CRO Freelancer – Which is better?


One of the tough yet critical decisions you’ll make as a business owner is deciding among in-house, an agency or a freelancer. To help you decide, we’ve put together some advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Pros of In-house CRO team

  • Availability of the person: If an optimisation effort is part of a bigger project that requires the optimiser to coordinate work across various departments/teams, the in-house option becomes crucial.
  • Deep knowledge of the business and strong connection: An in-house optimiser’s strong knowledge of the business can also be beneficial, especially if there are some complex issues to tackle.

Cons of an in-house CRO team

In-demand skill set: As mentioned earlier, conversion requires a certain skill set and knowledge. And while an in-house CRO might sound cost-effective, you may be losing out due to the person’s lack of skills. CRO is a mix of creativity, web design and data analytics.

Pros of Hiring a freelancer

  • There are no long-term contracts: You have the upper hand when it comes to the contract. It’s unusual to be locked into a long-term contract.
  • At a minimal cost, you can recruit exceptional talent. 
  • Individualised care: The contractor is focused on you and will go to great lengths to ensure that the project is completed successfully.

Cons of hiring a CRO freelancer

  • You’re recruiting an individual who won’t have a team behind him to help him meet deadlines.
  • Overworked freelancers – this should come as no surprise to anyone who has hired freelancers in the past. The freelancer takes on too many jobs at once, as a result of which he falls behind and misses deadlines.

Pros of a CRO agency

  • The firm will be able to expand its operations more swiftly.
  • The business will be able to reach out to a larger audience.
  • Many competent CROs may have the skills and knowledge you require for your company.
  • Reading reviews on platforms like Yelp or Google Reviews might help you learn more about their agency’s performance.
  • A CRO agency can assist you in developing a marketing strategy that is critical to the company’s performance on multiple levels.
  • It could increase website traffic, leading to a rise in revenue and profit margins.

Cons of Hiring an agency

  • Some organisations may have trouble getting their early drafts authorized by agencies.
  • Not able to secure an account manager for your project, resulting in a loss of time and money on the side of the business. It is difficult to achieve all deadlines without constant supervision from someone who understands your overall goals.
  • It may be difficult for new employees to adjust to your existing work culture, especially if there is no overlap between them. This can lead to a higher turnover or lower productivity in these roles.

How Much Does Hiring a CRO Agency Cost?

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Typically, a CRO agency can cost you anything from £37.52 – £225.23 per hour or £750.56 – £7505.55 per project. One thing to understand about the prices of CRO is that it depends on your expectations, goals and the agency’s package.

Final Thoughts About the Importance of Hiring A CRO Agency

Conversion optimisation is an essential aspect of digital marketing that should not be ignored. Hopefully, this post will assist you in locating a CRO firm that will help your website and business achieve success. It’s never easy to hire a CRO agency that understands your company and can satisfy all its requirements, so don’t hurry into anything.

The easiest method to determine whether or not this agency is a good fit for your organisation is to conduct extensive research and ask yourself if they can offer the services you require. It would be best to consider how crucial it is for them to have marketing experience, as this will affect their ability as an agency.

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If you own any type of online business, you need conversion rate optimisation, and it’s best if you get it from an expert. If you don’t use the marketing model when creating and maintaining your website or online store, you won’t know what’s stopping visitors from buying and won’t be able to remedy those problems.

It depends. While there’s an average cost, hiring a CRO agency depends on several factors – the experience of the agency, your set goals and expectations, tools and resources needed and duration (hour/day or month).

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