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Lawyer Marketing Guide: 6 Effective Strategies for Your Law Firm in 2022


In today’s highly competitive law market, lawyers need to constantly adapt to evolving trends to stay relevant in the industry. The days of word of mouth are no longer sufficient to attract potential clients and retain the existing ones. Now more than ever, lawyers are looking to increase their visibility through SEO, email marketing, social media and other online marketing efforts.

It’s worth mentioning that you need a solid marketing strategy to grow your law firm. There’s so much discussion about lawyer marketing – lawyers are not sure if marketing is for their industry. This law marketing guide outlines everything you need to know about legal marketing and how to take your law firm to the next level in 2022.

Lawyer Marketing – Is it important? 

It’s common for Lawyers to ask, “Since I already have some clients, do I still need to implement digital marketing? The answer is YES! Lawyer marketing is one of the most important skills you need for your law firm. Whether you’re a start-up or experienced lawyer, you need to implement some marketing strategies to attract and retain clients. 

Although starting out can seem daunting, it’s important to start as it would give you an upper hand over your competitors. Successful lawyer marketing distinguishes you from the crowd and makes it easy for clients to find you. 

Marketing Plan for Lawyers

More often than not, lawyers don’t understand how important marketing is to the success of their law firms. It’s important to be strategic when developing a marketing plan for your law firm. Marketing can take a lot of time and effort so you need to be strategic and know where to invest your money, time and resources.

Create a vision statement

Create a vision statement to identify the objectives you want to achieve. This makes laying out steps to achieve your company’s vision much easier.

Target Audience

Who are you trying to attract? Are you interested in companies, families or individuals? Clearly identifying your target audience will help you improve your lawyer marketing strategy. Take time to understand your audience and develop a client persona for the various groups of clients you work with.

Set SMART goals

Make a list of your marketing goals, as well as the strategies you’ll employ to achieve them. What are the business objectives you want to achieve? 

Determine your Unique Selling Position

What makes you stand out as a lawyer? Why should prospects choose you over them? What differentiates you from your competition? What’s so special about your law firm and the way you help your clients? 

Set a Budget

Your goals should inform your budget. A marketing budget is a key component of your law firm marketing plan. 

Media & Distribution

Whatever form of content you choose to create, you need to figure out the right media – print, social, email or television. 

Measure Performance

The next step is to list the key metrics you want to use to measure your success. Remember those goals you listed? Now is a good time to see if you hit them.

Review, tweak and repeat

A lawyer marketing strategy is a work in progress that will be updated on a regular basis. Therefore, it’s important to review and tweak your marketing strategies to make sure they align with your objectives and goals.

Getting Started with marketing your Law firm

So much is being said about law firms going digital, but little is said on how to do it effectively. If you’re a law firm, these marketing strategies will help you establish a strong law firm brand.


Branding is more than your logo and font; it’s everything about your law firm. It’s how you want to be perceived as a lawyer; it’s the kind of experience you want them to have when they interact with you. It’s how you want to be remembered. Take a look within and understand who your law firm is and what it stands for.

As a lawyer, your brand should communicate value, trust and quality. Always think about the image you want to portray; your tone, style and voice. And convey them on a consistent basis. Your goal should be to convey a positive feeling whenever people interact with your law firm brand. 

Build a solid website

Your website is your client’s first impression of you and your practice. Where’s the first place people go to if they want to learn more about your services? Take a moment to think about it. 

They visit your website. That’s the best place to learn more about you, your services and how you’ve helped others like themselves. If your website isn’t appealing enough, they will not stay. You want to make sure your website represents your brand; it should be mobile-responsive, fast, secure and well-designed. Not only does your website make you look professional, it increases your visibility and makes you look credible.

Key things to keep in mind

  • Your website should be easy to use and navigate
  • Use clear fonts 
  • Mobile responsive 
  • Use quality pictures 

Social Media Marketing

You still need to be active on social media even though you have a website. Your potential clients are on social media so how do you intend to attract them if you’re not on social media? 

According to a report, there are 45 million active social media users in the UK

It’s easy to get sidetracked with all the hype on various social media platforms. However, when done right, it can be great for your law firm business. There are a number of social media platforms, but for your law firm, we recommend Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Your clients are more likely to spend more time on these platforms. 

  • Set up a professional LinkedIn page for your law firm
  • Join legal discussions on LinkedIn and Facebook 
  • Follow lawyers on Twitter and engage with them

Content Marketing

Whether you’re a start-up law firm or an experienced Lawyer, you have some knowledge that is worth sharing. Leverage that knowledge to build your brand and authority. Your clients are constantly seeking answers. Providing those answers in the form of a blog post goes a long way to building trust and a strong relationship. 

Through blogging, you can provide helpful answers and offer valuable tips to those looking to hire you. It’s important you understand your client’s journey and then provide content that meets their needs throughout their journey. 

Trust is what makes people hire you. If they don’t trust you, they won’t contact you. One of the most effective ways to build trust is through content marketing. If you’re busy creating content yourself, you can always outsource your content marketing to an agency. What’s more important is that you’re putting your law firm out there and showcasing your knowledge.

Not sure what to blog about? We compiled a list of blog post ideas here. These are questions your audience is asking Google every day!

Google Ads

It’s a highly competitive world out there for lawyers. With lawyers trying to bid and rank for certain keywords and vying for the same clients, gaining visibility is a difficult feat. Pay-per-click (PPC) is a great online marketing strategy for law firms

When someone searches for a keyword related to your business, sees your ad in the search results, and clicks on your ad to visit your website, there is a possibility that the person is likely to contact and hire you.
Remember, it’s all about choosing the right keywords!

Email Marketing


Email marketing plays a key role in your overall digital marketing efforts. It’s a cost-effective yet rewarding strategy. A good email marketing plan can bring in a high return on investment. Email marketing for your law firm is a quick and personalised way to reach out to your target audience and gain their valuable attention.

With email marketing, you can:

  • Create awareness 
  • Showcase your expertise 
  • Build relationships 
  • Increase website traffic 
  • Grow your business

SEO for Lawyers


What’s the point of spending time and energy creating a law firm website if no one finds it on Search engines? The goal of your website is to be ranked higher in search engines. You want potential clients to find you on the first page and not on the sixth. When they turn to Google or any search engine to look for information on any of your services, you want to be among the first five law firms on the first page.

  • Have a well-designed website
  • Provide quality content
  • Target the right keywords – both long-tail and short-tail keywords
  • Include backlinks 
  • Make sure your website should follow all Google’s guidelines

Video Marketing

You’re 53 times more likely to feature on the first page of Google if you include video. An important part of your content strategy should be video. Video builds credibility and trust, generates new leads, and improves conversions. While a video might seem hard, it’s not going anywhere. There are two types of video your law firm should be creating:

  • Educational video: You see those blogs you published? You can repurpose a few good ones into video content. You can also start by thinking of the top questions clients ask you and create a video for each one. 
  • Promotional video: These videos usually introduce your firm to the world. You can start by asking some of your best clients to create a video testimonial for you.

Law Firm Best Practices

Image by Krakenimages from Unsplash

Lawyer Marketing can seem overwhelming. There are a number of digital marketing strategies to implement, and you still have to run your law firm business. It’s important you know how you spend your time and energy. 

  • Focus on your clients; adopt a customer-centric approach to business 
  • Invest wisely
  • Test and test; there are always new things to try out. The digital world is constantly evolving so there is the need to stay ahead. 
  • Hire a digital marketing agency; don’t hesitate to outsource your marketing efforts to an agency if the need arises. It can take some load off your shoulders so you focus on other important aspects of your business 
  • Measure and repeat; set goals, implement strategies and check to see if you’re hitting your goals. If you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing. Marketing without measuring is pointless. 

Final Thoughts

Marketing your law firm isn’t impossible. Yes, it’s demanding but with the right goals and strategy, you can achieve it. What’s important is that you get started. Don’t worry about getting it wrong, try again and again. Always measure your success. Focus on key areas and work your way up. And if you need help, we are here to assist you every step along the way. 

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