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Top 25 LinkedIn Experts You Should Follow In 2022

LinkedIn experts

How can you stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends, rising technology, and creative ideas? Go right to the LinkedIn experts for the most up-to-date information. 

Brands must stay current and work hard to establish a competitive advantage. So why not heed the advice of those who have previously achieved success?

You can engage and communicate with some of the most brilliant marketing experts in marketing because of LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for connecting with outstanding people that can assist you in your career and business. Who should you follow, though, with over 575 million people on the site? 

This list post will help you find the best LinkedIn experts you should in 2022. So with that said, let’s begin. 

25 LinkedIn Experts To Follow Right Now 

1. Neil Patel 

LinkedIn experts
Source: Atories.com

Neil Patel is the founder of neilpatel.com, an SEO website that offers expert training and knowledge to help businesses maximize their organic search results. Neil is a wonderful person to follow if you want to learn more about SEO

But he also offers his knowledge about motivation and entrepreneurship, which can be pretty motivating. In addition, Neil is continuously redefining social media marketing guidance with his detailed instructions on social media advertising, content marketing, and other vital aspects of our industry. 

Neil is one of the best LinkedIn experts to follow if you want to learn how to expand your following or polish your skills in social media marketing and beyond.

Follow Neil Patel on LinkedIn at @Neilkpatel

2. Tim Ferriss 

LinkedIn marketing experts
Source: Entreprenuer.com

Tim Ferriss is one of the best LinkedIn marketers worldwide. His book, The 4-Hour Work Week, is on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-seller lists. He was one of the early investors in Duolingo, Facebook, Shopify, and others.

He is also recognized for his podcasts and audio broadcasts, which have already received over 100 million downloads. In addition, digital marketing, company management, leadership, and business development are some of the subjects he teaches.

Follow Tim Ferriss on LinkedIn at @Timferriss 

3. Gary Vaynerchuk

LinkedIn expert marketers
Source: Inc Africa

As he’s known, Gary Vee is a marketer, serial entrepreneur, and all-around business expert. Gary began his career as a wine critic before growing his family’s wine business from $3 million to $60 million in less than five years.

Gary Vee’s advice regularly goes viral because of the new ideas and profound insights that may help brands flourish on social media. His message encourages people to push themselves to their limits. Visit his page for countless words of wisdom if you need a daily dose of motivation.

Follow Gary Vaynerchuk on LinkedIn at @Garyvaynerchuk

4. Ann Handley

Top marketing experts

Ann Handley is a marketing writing expert and a leading social media expert for B2B companies. Forbes has dubbed her “the most powerful woman on social media.”

Ann gives practical advice on how to improve one’s writing and how to get actual outcomes to help businesses grow. She also encourages women to succeed in their jobs as content marketers. Inspiration, wisdom, and direction may all be found on her Twitter feed.

Follow Gary Vaynerchuk on LinkedIn at @annhandley.

5. Brian Dean 

top leading LinkedIn experts
Source: Tomaslau

If you don’t know who Brian Dean is, you should probably learn more about SEO and backlinks. Brian Dean is the founder of Backlinko, an online blog and SEO service that focuses on backlinks and SEO. 

Semrush recently acquired Backlinko, but it doesn’t mean Brian Dean is out of the content marketing world. Also, his blog isn’t the only area where he offers his knowledge and experience. Brian does the same thing on LinkedIn. He’s undoubtedly one of the best LinkedIn experts to follow. 

Follow Brian Dean on LinkedIn at @brianedean.

6. Kim Garst 

Kim Garst LinkedIn experts
Source: Monday.com

Kim Garst is a leading social media influencer and one of the best marketing experts of all time. She was named to Forbes’ list of the Top 10 Influencers in Social Media Marketing.

She’s also a well-known keynote speaker, best-selling author, and consultant for MasterCard, IBM, and Microsoft.

Kim Garst knows how to make people adore your company and can help you transform LinkedIn into your direct traffic and sales channel.

Follow Kim Garst on LinkedIn at @kimgarst.

7. Jennifer Polk 

Marketing experts on LinkedIn
Source: Gartner.com

Jennifer Polk is one of the ideal expert marketers for full-stack marketers who want to learn more about the multichannel marketing technique.

She is a well-known global marketing advisor to chief marketing officers, marketing team heads, and specialists. E-commerce, customer involvement, and brand awareness are Jennifer Polk’s strong suits. 

Jennifer Polk can teach you a thing or two about doing it right if you want to be a CMO or currently are one.

Follow Jennifer Polk on LinkedIn at @jenniferpolk

8. Shama Hyder 

marketing writing expert
Source: Biz Journal

Shama has worked with brands of all kinds worldwide as a social media marketer. In addition, she’s a keynote speaker and an award-winning digital marketer. She’s also the CEO of a web marketing agency and the author of current marketing books. 

Shama is one of the top social media marketing experts you should know about. For someone who’s been named one of the top 100 young women entrepreneurs by the United Nations and the White House, there’s something worthwhile she can offer you. 

Follow Shama Hyder on LinkedIn at @shamahyder.

9. Chris Dreyer

top LinkedIn marketing influencer
Source: Swagger Magazine

Chris Dreyer is one of the best marketing experts we have today. His journey started when he searched “How to make money online.” This led Chris to Ed Dale’s “30-Day Challenge to Digital Marketing,” a course that taught him the basics of digital marketing and search engine optimization. When his revenue surpassed his teacher’s salary, he quit his job.

Since then, Dreyer has been helping numerous businesses, particularly personal injury firms, gain traffic online. So if you’re looking for the best personal injury lawyer SEO expert, consider Chris Dreyer.

Follow Chris Dreyer on LinkedIn at @chrisdreyerco

10. Donna Moritz 

marketing LinkedIn experts
Source: Piktochart

Donna Moritz is a digital marketing professional, a social media, visual, and content marketing influencer, and a brand ambassador for several well-known firms.

She is an expert in developing content strategies and visual storytelling. Her blog, Socially Sorted, is full of marketing hacks, tactics, and ideas, and she’s written pieces for Hubspot and Marketo.

Donna Moritz is one of the best LinkedIn experts for you if you want to learn how to enhance your brand awareness and boost your social presence with beautiful content.

Follow Donna Moritz on LinkedIn at @donnamoritz.

11. Fery Kaszoni

LinkedIn expert
Source: Unmiss

Fery Kaszoni is a developer with considerable expertise designing complicated database systems, system integrations, CRMs, and more.

He operates hundreds of web and SAAS platforms and essential online tools, with their network of websites attracting millions of monthly visitors.

Fery uses Linkedin to keep in touch with like-minded SEOs, digital marketers, and software developers to learn about the newest trends and gain valuable insights and ideas.

If you’re searching for great insights into CRMs, system integrations, SEO, and more, Fery’s got you covered!

Follow Fery Kaszoni on LinkedIn at @ferenczkaszoni.

12. Nick Jordan

LinkedIn experts in the UK
Source: Life Hacker Guy

Nick Jordan has great insights when it comes to SEO and marketing. He’s worked with numerous companies to grow their online audience massively.

He’s the owner of ContentDistribution.com, a company that offers managed services and SaaS products to assist wildly ambitious brands in scaling their content operations to millions of organic monthly visitors.

They also created ClusterAi, a software that automates keyword research and allows businesses to plan out every unique page of content they’ll need to be found wherever their target customer is looking.

Nick offers unique insights that can help you improve your SEO strategy.

Follow Nick Jordan on LinkedIn at @nickfromseattle.

13. Justin Welsh

LinkedIn experts 2022
Source: Saastr.com

Justin Welsh is an SMB SaaS adviser and executive mentor who helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses. For example, he just guided PatientPop, a company situated in Los Angeles, from zero to $50 million in recurring revenue.

He’s one of the best LinkedIn marketing experts to learn from if you want to grow your brand.

Follow Justin Welsh on LinkedIn at @justinwelsh

Other Notable LinkedIn Experts To Follow 

  1. If you’re bargaining for a raise or promotion, Lisa Gates is the person to listen to. She’s one of the best LinkedIn expert marketers to consider. 
  1. If you’re a Baby Boomer, Marc Miller can assist you in negotiating the workplace’s ever-changing world.
  1. Read Paul Freiberger’s good recommendations to avoid your resumé being moved to the “No” pile.
  1. James Caan offers insightful job advice in general. He’s also a seasoned businessman.
  1. Jeff Haden is a writer who covers a wide range of issues, including leadership and management. Blackbird Media is his company.
  1. Follow Jay Baer if you want expert business tips on gaining new customers and maintaining them.
  1. Suzanne Lucas, a.k.a. Evil HR Lady, is a fantastic human resource professional.
  1. Claire Diaz-Ortiz can point you in the right way if you need help using Twitter to advance your profession.
  1. Ryan Holmes, 37, is the founder and CEO of Hootsuite, a social media management platform.
  1. Colin Shaw is focused on reinventing the customer experience, which is the lifeblood of any organization. He’s one of the best LinkedIn marketing experts you should watch. 
  1. Brian Solis, 39, is a frequent thinker about the future of business and how technology might disrupt our lives. 

Why Should You Pay Attention To These LinkedIn Experts?

Intelligent people not only learn from their errors but also others’ accomplishments. Therefore, following people who have firsthand experience with the latest approaches, techniques, and practices is essential to know what works and what doesn’t in digital marketing.

You must continue to learn from the best in whatever field you work in – email marketing, SEO, pay-per-click marketing, social media marketing, LinkedIn marketing or content marketing. They may not be willing to share everything they know, but they’ll supply you with valuable insights and tools to help you grow your business.

Final Thoughts 

These LinkedIn experts are just a few of the industry’s most influential expert marketers out there. They will offer you ongoing motivation and the determination to pursue the career of your dreams. 

Their never-ending stream of expert thoughts in their different domains will assist you in becoming well-equipped in your professional endeavours.

With that said, if you need help with your LinkedIn marketing, we can help. We have a professional team that can help you improve your visibility. 

Call now for a free consultation, and let’s start growing your brand. 

Top LinkedIn Experts FAQs

There are numerous LinkedIn experts you can follow, depending on your field. For example, you can follow Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Ryan Holmes, etc. So go through this guide and find the best LinkedIn marketing experts that can help you in your field. 

Yes, as long as it helps you in your marketing journey. There’s always something new to learn. Following a firm can help you in the following ways: Look for a company that is a good fit for you. When you follow a firm, you’ll get regular updates on your feed about it. For instance, you’ll find firm news pieces, information about new job openings, and other updates.

LinkedIn can help you attract investors. But first, treat your LinkedIn profile as a CV for essential members of your team and your firm. Next, include a summary of your company’s activities in your profile. Finally, create a LinkedIn company page and show that you care about the investors you want to attract.

The first thing to do is to check on Google. The first pages are likely to give you the best B2B influencers. Keep an eye on your brand, competition, and industry. Then, examine your site’s and competitors’ backlinks. Check out the best stuff in your niche. If all else fails, look for influencers in your target demographic.

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