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7 Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For Companies In 2022

LinkedIn marketing strategies for companies

When you strategically use LinkedIn marketing strategy for companies, you can create your brand and form long-term relationships with your clients. LinkedIn is also an excellent platform for increasing brand visibility and nurturing qualified leads by producing compelling content and engaging in industry discussions.

However, many people still think of LinkedIn as a job posting site and résumé, even in 2022. But times have changed, especially for B2B companies. LinkedIn is rapidly transforming into a lead generation powerhouse. 

Incredible LinkedIn Statistics That Would Change Your Mind

LinkedIn marketing strategy for companies

Take a look at some of the most recent LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation statistics:

  • In 2021, over 80% of social-generated B2B leads came from LinkedIn. LinkedIn now boasts more than 500 million registered members, with more than 260 million of them signing in at least once a month.
  • Furthermore, 61 million LinkedIn users are managers or senior-level executives, with another 40 million in decision-making positions.
  • LinkedIn now generates over 80% of all business leads, with only 20% coming from networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter combined.

59% of the marketers are sure that LinkedIn is a source of leads. Of course, that figure would be considerably higher if you split up the 33% of people who don’t know where their leads come from. Regardless, LinkedIn outperforms Facebook and Twitter by a factor of two.

What Is LinkedIn Marketing Strategy? 

LinkedIn marketing strategy

LinkedIn marketing strategy is the process of promoting a company or an individual on LinkedIn to get people to notice their profile. In addition, businesses can utilise the platform to create their company pages and subpages (for example, for specialised products) and use them to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • To generate visitors to a blog, blog or share content.
  • Develop new business connections or maintain those you already have.

These tactics can be utilised to increase awareness of the company and, ideally, generate leads. The first step in taking advantage of these advantages is to create a LinkedIn business profile.

LinkedIn also has extra features such as LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Boosting, and Showcase Pages that you can use. 

Why Is LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For Companies Is Essential?  

LinkedIn marketing strategy for small business

According to Sprout Social, businesses who sell themselves on LinkedIn earn 277% more leads than those who market themselves just on Facebook. Furthermore, B2B marketers surveyed indicated LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of their social media leads.

Falling prey to the desire to aggressively promote your business through spamming and overt hard-selling will only help to push you further away from your goal.

You’d need a LinkedIn-specific strategy to get the consumer reach and results you desire, as well as to appeal to your connections and other businesses. But, above all, you must keep yourself informed about what is going on to stay ahead of the curve.

How To Set Up An Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For Companies 

What is a LinkedIn marketing strategy?

1. Create A LinkedIn Company Page 

A company profile helps your corporation appear more legitimate and trustworthy on a worldwide scale by establishing your public image. Setting up a LinkedIn company page is the first step in developing a LinkedIn marketing plan. 

Page admins have access to several capabilities when creating a LinkedIn company page, including:

  • The chance to post job positions at your company
  • Having the ability to create ‘LinkedIn Showcase pages’ for specific products, services, and events.
  • Having the ability to construct a career page that aids marketing teams in communicating their company’s narrative and interacting with prospects, customers, and talent.
  • Having the ability to run targeted LinkedIn ads from your company profile to complement greater sponsored content advertising efforts.

Following creating the business page, the marketing team must optimise it by adding any necessary company information and material. 

According to LinkedIn, a company page with a comprehensive profile receives 30% more weekly views, so make sure you don’t miss any fields if you want to get in front of more prospects, customers, and potential workers.

2. Consider Your LinkedIn Marketing Objectives 

LinkedIn marketing

It’s easy to focus on the wrong things as a marketer if you don’t have clear strategic goals in mind. Brand recognition, website visits, job application infills, interaction, and lead creation are common LinkedIn marketing objectives. 

You can put the necessary objectives and techniques in place to guarantee you stay on track after you know what your LinkedIn marketing strategy goals are.

3. Develop A Content Marketing Strategy 

Your profile goals and objectives will influence the messaging of your content marketing plan. So when it’s time to start posting on your profile, it’s crucial not to leap right in without first learning about the kind of content that work on this particular channel. 

Messages should be tailored to the network’s user purpose, LinkedIn’s algorithm, and the platform’s image dimensions, among other factors. With this in mind, keep the following in mind when you develop your content marketing plan and use it to direct your status updates.

To uncover content topics your target audience would like, you can use AnswerThePublic. You can take two topics and find three to five content pillars that will be known in your niche. 

4. Make Your Cold Messages More Valuable

LinkedIn marketing strategies

When it comes to outbound DMs, adopt a buyer-first strategy. Prioritises the buyer’s wants over her own and never deliver mediocrely, templated letters.

Always try to personalise each message to show the reader that you didn’t send out 100 of them at once. In short, make sure your messages are valuable. Connect with people like they’re human. Don’t only look at them as a sales prospect.

Keep in mind that numerous Fortune 500 c-level executives and decision-makers prefer to spend their free time on LinkedIn, making it ideal for B2B marketers. It’s also where people form professional social bonds, interact with like-minded individuals, represent their organisation, and look for new business prospects.

Taking this into account, the following types of content tend to perform well on the platform:

  • Research and findings in the industry
  • Predictions and insights into the most recent trends
  • Presentations about marketing
  • Lessons learned, tips, tactics, and how-to’s
  • Case studies 
  • Job openings

5. Know When To Post And How Frequent You Should Do So

Strategy for LinkedIn marketing

Weekly posts result in a 2x increase in engagement, although LinkedIn recommends posting every day to develop a connection with your target audience.

When it comes to the optimum time to publish, it depends on when your audience is online. As a result, the best time to post differs from company to company. Of course, certain times of the week, like lunchtime and while travelling to and from work, are hotspots for driving involvement.

According to HubSpot, while there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the optimal time to publish on LinkedIn, marketers have found success by posting Tuesday through Thursday, often between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Of course, you can use this to test different times that your audience is active and make necessary changes. 

6. Combine Paid And Organic LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For Companies 

According to a study, when LinkedIn Page Followers are introduced to paid and organic content, they are 61% more likely to convert than those who receive paid content.

If you need to attract people with paid posts, engaging them with genuine organic content will allow you to establish a community by consistently giving value, assisting them in some way, and deepening their interest.

7. Analyse Your LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn social media marketing

One of the most appealing aspects of a LinkedIn marketing strategy for small businesses is trackable. Get to know LinkedIn’s reporting features and detailed page metrics. In addition, you may learn about visitors, followers, and interaction with this information.

Let’s imagine you’re running a LinkedIn ad. Critical measures like clicks, impressions, and social activities can be used to assess performance. You can then observe which ads are working and which aren’t and utilise that data to arrange future ads better.

Determine whatever key performance indicators (KPIs) you want to track ahead of time. One of the most common social media marketing errors is failing to define KPIs ahead of time. This ensures that measurements are precise and consistent.

Final Thoughts 

There are numerous methods to use LinkedIn marketing strategy for companies to enhance your company’s identity and extend your network. However, don’t miss out on the benefits of a LinkedIn marketing strategy because you don’t have the time or resources to put the tips detailed in this guide into practice.

If you don’t have the time or skills to implement LinkedIn marketing, try hiring a LinkedIn marketing expert. You can find LinkedIn marketing experts, social media marketing strategists, content writers right here on LiftedWP.

You can assemble the whole team you’ll require to conduct efficient LinkedIn marketing that elevates your brand to new heights.

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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For Small Business FAQs 

Use your blogs, email newsletters, and press releases to promote your LinkedIn profile. Share other people’s work – if you enjoy a blog post or an article, share it! Especially if it’s topical or written by an industry influencer. If you think your connections will find the content valuable, tag them in your content marketing.

Any company should have an informative LinkedIn corporate page. Whether your firm offers products or wants to raise brand awareness, think of your LinkedIn company profile as a virtual store.

You can tell positive anecdotes about your organisation, talk about accolades you’ve earned, or brag about your employees. In other words, you should use it to highlight your company’s public face. You can also answer questions that your target audience is likely to ask.

Here are some strategies for marketing on LinkedIn in 2021:

  • First, make your company’s page more appealing.
  • Post-high-quality pictures, videos, and posts.
  • Make your outreach more automated.
  • Third, promote your blog content and your company’s Facebook page.
  • Encourage your staff to share your posts on LinkedIn 
  • Examine the strategies of your competitors.

To boost the effectiveness of your brand, you can buy ads on LinkedIn. Sponsored content, text ads, and sponsored InMail are among the ads available for purchase. With Sponsored Content, you will pay to have your content amplified to reach a larger audience.

PPC advertising exists on LinkedIn pages such as profile pages, search results pages, and the LinkedIn home page. Finally, Sponsored InMail works similarly to email marketing, allowing you to send LinkedIn members personalised messages.

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