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Plastic Surgery Marketing Guide: 10 Proven Ways To Attract More Patients

plastic surgery marketing

Managing and operating a surgery practice can be challenging while also advertising it. However, plastic surgery marketing strategies should be on your to-do to stay ahead of the competition. To boost your online traffic, you need to consider your website, audit them for SEO purposes, develop quality content, etc. 

Creating an annual marketing plan for your surgeon practice can be challenging, but it is critical to your company’s success. 

Planning is vital whether you hire a marketing agency, an in-house marketing team, or a marketing agency to promote your plastic surgery practice. 

Strategic planning guarantees that you reach the appropriate customers at the right time, in the right location, with a louder and more compelling message than your competitors.

Assess Your Past And Current Marketing Efforts 

surgery practice

Before you start, you need to evaluate your present and previous plastic surgery marketing strategies. Examine the last 12 months and compile reports for all of your online and offline marketing efforts. 

Analyse the reports and provide objective answers based on actual data.

Don’t cover up failed campaigns; be open and honest about the true value each plastic surgery marketing idea delivers to your business. What you’re doing is trying to determine which channels provide the best ROI and which efforts can be improved.

It’s not a reasonable tactic to limit yourself to just one marketing strategy for your surgery practice. Instead, incorporate many factors into your plan

 for the highest return on your investment.

The following section will go through various approaches to market your surgeon practice, including SEO, PPC advertising, local SEO, etc.  

We’ll also go through other plastic surgery marketing ideas and strategies to grow your surgery practice. 

1. Optimise Your Online Presence 

Your website is the base for your marketing operations. Patients are likely to go online to discover more about your surgeon practice, even if they don’t hear about it from you. So it’s critical to enhance your web presence so that patients can find you and obtain the information they require.

A study showed that 73%of adults in the UK have looked for health information on the internet. This implies you’ll need to market yourself online to attract new patients. There are various ways to market yourself, but you have the most control over the patient experience on your website.

Your Website Should Be Mobile-Friendly 

Surgeon practice

Besides your website, you must also ensure that it’s mobile-friendly. For example, is your website convenient to use on a smartphone or tablet? If not, it’s time to consider getting a mobile-friendly, responsive website. 

Sites that aren’t mobile-friendly have begun receiving warnings from Google, stating that they may not rank well in search results.

Depending on when your present website was established, you may already have a mobile solution in place. However, we recommend you contact your web host if you’re unsure.

The ideal alternative is to choose a responsive design web provider since this will allow your website to adjust to a broad range of screen sizes, automatically adapting the information so that your patients always have the best experience.

Implement Plastic Surgery SEO Practices

Search engines are continuously changing, and to rank well in search results, you must adhere to plastic surgery SEO best practices.

Avoid spam tactics like link schemes and keyword stuffing removing duplicate or low-quality content. Instead, quality content, local listings, and technical optimisation should all be emphasised in a solid Plastic surgery SEO plan

It’s a good idea to consult with agencies that specialise in SEO to boost your SEO approach. You can boost SEO and build a plan to maintain your website optimised as you add and update content by working with an expert.

2. Patient Communication And Experience 

You may leave a lasting impression by enhancing your interactions with current patients and aiming to deliver the most outstanding experience possible. In addition, patients who are satisfied with your surgery practice will refer you to friends and family who require your services. 

Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful weapon, and with the correct patient experience and communication initiatives, your patients will shout your praises.

Focus On Email Marketing 

Plastic surgery SEO

In the morning, 66% of people check their emails. Furthermore, 90% of adult patients desire their doctors will increase their email communication with them. Because it is low cost, easy to tailor and deploy, email marketing is one of the most successful strategies to market your practice and acquire leads. 

Encourage your patients to join your newsletter mailing list. Subscribers will receive the newest news from your clinic, as well as discounts and critical healthcare information.

Allow the email messages to be consistent and appropriate for your practice. As a result, your practice will always be on your patients’ minds.

You’ll place bids for keywords like “surgery practice England.” You’ll be shown the precise cost per click for each keyword. If someone searches for those keywords on Google, a clickable ad for your practice will display at the top of the search results. And that will lead them to your website. Only when someone clicks on the ad will you be charged.

Google ad campaigns can be pretty profitable, but it’s critical to select the most relevant keywords and track the campaign to ensure that your money is effectively spent.

One huge advantage of Google Ads over social media ads is that the searcher has a tremendous purchase intent. And that’s because they’re looking for the solution you supply to some extent.

So find a balance on your landing pages between a straightforward conversion goal and providing enough content value to convert them.

4. Online Local Listings 

Claiming your website on local listings sites is a simple but essential step in your plastic surgery marketing strategies. Begin by listing your practice name and address on the major platforms, such as Google My Business, Yahoo, Yelp, and Bing. 

On the other hand, small, local business listings should not be overlooked. Take the time to search for local business directory websites in your region. Local listings are more likely to be trusted by potential patients and, as a result, boost your local SEO position.

Re-entering the same surgery practice information into several listings sites can get tedious. Instead, use a location data management platform like FMG Local Listings or Moz Local to automate the process and make your life a little easier. 

A decent location data management solution will also keep an eye on your listings and notify you when it needs an update or if a link is broken.

5. Implement Social Media Strategies The Right Way 

Numerous healthcare businesses use organic social media for their plastic surgery marketing strategies. Organic social media refers to posting images, updates, events, and other content directly to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

It’s a good marketing strategy to boost your brand and inform your patients about new services or developments. 

However, it shouldn’t be your only social approach for your surgeon practice. Even if you’re not connected, paid social media advertising is better for reaching the relevant people looking for your services. 

The ” Boost Post ” option appears when you post from your business page. Paid social media is much more than that. It entails budgeting and strategising to target the audience you desire, just like display advertising or PPC. 

6. Ask For Patient Reviews About Your Surgery Practice 

plastic surgery marketing strategies

When it comes to choosing a surgeon, over half of Americans say patient ratings are at least somewhat essential. Before arranging an appointment, they want to see that others have had a pleasant experience with you. 

So you must get positive feedback from your happy customers. 

Patients usually only post evaluations if they feel compelled to do so or had a very positive (or negative) experience. Therefore, you’ll miss the good comments from patients who were pleased with your services unless you ask for reviews of your surgeon practice. 

So we recommend that your surgery practice use automated reviews as part of your plastic surgery marketing ideas and strategies. 

Here’s how automatic reviews work: Patients score the level of service they received on a scale of 1-10 using a computer or tablet in the office. High scores trigger an email asking the patient to post a review on your practice site. 

Positive reviews appear on your website and can offset any unfavourable evaluations written elsewhere online.

Poor scores allow you to find further information from the patient and, ideally, reach out and solve the problem.

7. Follow Up With Patient Feedback 

When patients negatively think about your practice and leave reviews, it’s not good for your surgical practice. Instead, you can respond to the criticism. That will show that you care about their concerns. 

You can respond directly to patient reviews. Patients can be prompted to update their reviews if they receive the proper follow-up to let others know the problem was fixed quickly.

Any plastic surgery marketing strategies should include reputation management. However, this doesn’t mean you should be defensive in the face of bad feedback. 

It entails modernising systems and equipment to provide the most significant potential patient experience in the future, based on previous patient input.

8. Keep Tabs On Your Marketing Campaigns

By tracking your marketing campaigns, you’ll know if your efforts are paying off. You can monitor the following metrics:

  • Your patients’ origin
  • Rates of admission
  • The entire income
  • Rates of readmission
  • Return on investment (ROI) 

Tracking lets you understand which campaigns are functioning well and need to be tweaked to improve ROI. For example, using the correct marketing methods for your surgical practice can result in a favourable return on investment for medical offices.

9. Get To Know Your Patients In The Community 

plastic surgery marketing ideas

Getting out in the community allows patients to appreciate your excellent work. It also enables you to communicate with patients outside the office or hospital. Whether you volunteer for a charity, give public speeches or contribute your time and services, you can make a difference.

Health fairs can also help you reach out to those who may not be familiar with your surgery practice. Another way to provide free tests and services to people in your community is to hold a health fair. 

A stand at a health fair can also help you create brand awareness and ensure that patients remember you.

10. Add Referrals Into Your Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies 

How does your surgeon practice communicate with potential referring physicians? Too many medical offices and speciality groups rely on the front desk to contact doctors who might refer their practice. 

But the front desk doesn’t have the time to do so. Referrals from doctors are among the most effective organic marketing tactics for attracting new patients. You should visit possible referral sources wherever they might be and stay in touch with them.

Final Thoughts 

Keeping a winning mindset is one of our favourite plastic surgery marketing ideas for your surgery practice. That’s besides putting the above ideas into action to meet your sales targets. 

The competition in the medical industry is high, and a surgeon practice that ignores its marketing needs will fall further behind. So set aside enough time and resources to keep ahead of the competition. 

Remember that minor plastic surgery marketing strategies are preferable to none at all. That said, if you’re looking for an agency that can help you with your SEO marketing efforts, consider LiftedWP. We have SEO experts that can help your surgeon practice gain visibility online. 

Contact us today, and let’s start growing your online traffic! 

Marketing Your Surgery Practice FAQs

Plastic surgery marketing is the term used to describe the marketing methods used by surgical practices to acquire new patients and raise awareness of their business. Plastic surgeon marketing has almost entirely shifted to the internet.

There are numerous ways to get patients. But one of the best ways is to be active online. And that’s because Google manages 3.5 billion searches every day, and your patients are among them. Also, eight out of people search online for health information for every ten people. Other ways include starting a blog, asking for reviews and referrals, etc. Check this guide for more. 

First, market your practice online through plastic surgery SEO. For example, you can conduct local SEO to attract patients in your community. You can also create high-quality content to answer questions your patients are asking. You can start with London Plastic Surgery Blog Post Ideas: 800+ Questions your audience ask Google every day.

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy that can grow your surgical practice. However, some methods can help you boost your online presence. For example, SEO marketing efforts, social media campaigns, PPC, etc., are all ways to help your business grow. Read this guide to know more.

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