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New Year Resolutions on How to Quit Smoking [800+ related blog posts ideas – FREE DOWNLOAD]

It is a new year; which means there are several people out there looking up to you for ways on how to live a healthier lifestyle. Smoking is an addiction and requires every help possible to quit from.

Research from the University College London shows that 30% of adults in the UK try to quit smoking at least once a year. 23% involves third party counseling, referring to life coaches/counselors. Thus, this article will be helpful to such people too. It will take away from you the hassle to think up content ideas and make it easier for you to meet the needs of your audience. You can be the source of answers on how to quit smoking and help with well informed articles combined with the best content writing strategy.

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If You Do Not Have A Quit Smoking Blog Yet…

It is not too late. From the shared statistics, there are people who would especially at the beginning of the new year, look to a third party for help to quit smoking. And that is where you come in. That is where you make use of blog writing

Did you know content marketing can help you generate 3x the leads compared to traditional marketing efforts? The quit smoking blog post ideas outlined in this guide can help you achieve this feat. 

With a blog, you focus on ideal patients as you focus on answering their questions. In other words, their pain points. That’s why these quit smoking blog post ideas are great for your business. According to HubSpot, companies prioritizing blogging are 13x more likely to see significant ROI results

So if you are yet to start a blog, consider our 800+ weight loss blog post ideas. They are grouped into various categories, so you have a lot to choose from to help you boost your organic traffic

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Topic 2: Blood Pressure

blood pressure

Topic 3: Cancer Research UK

cancer research

Topic 4: Carbon Monoxide

carbon monoxide

Topic 5: Effects of Smoking

effects of smoking

Topic 6 : Health Care Professionals

Topic 7 : Heart Attack

heart attack

Topic 8 : Heart Disease

heart disease

Topic 9 : Mental Health

mental health

Topic 10 : Smoking Cessation

smoking cessation

Topic 11 : Registered Charity

registered charity

Final Thoughts

It is prudent to capitalize on the trend of new year resolutions and build your content around it. In this case, it is to create relevant content on how to quit smoking. This blog post gives you well researched content ideas for free that will enable you meet the needs of your target audience. And oh, good bye to writer’s block with these starters.

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An SEO agency teams with you to ensure that your blog post ideas are competitive and correspond with your company’s long-term objectives. You’ll also get technical SEO help to resolve any difficulties and optimise your site for maximum performance.

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