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Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas To Help You Generate More Leads


In a time when the world is constantly becoming digital and the competition in the real estate industry is tight, real estate video marketing is more important than ever. From offering informative tips, conducting a question and answer sessions, giving tours to sharing customer testimonials, videos are great real estate marketing strategies to implement. 

Real estate video marketing may help you stand out from the crowd, build relationships with potential house sellers and buyers, and eventually sell more homes.

Why Real Estate Video Marketing?

If you’re not using videos, you’re missing out on an untapped audience. YouTube and Facebook Live are excellent lead generators, and making entertaining videos will undoubtedly attract more customers and dealers. Before we highlight the benefits of video marketing to your real estate agency, here are some key stats

  • Video is currently at the centre of 92% of businesses’ marketing strategies.
  • Customers prefer to learn about products and services through video in 72% of cases.
  • By 66%, video marketing boosts qualified leads.
  • Video marketing has brought new clients to 93% of marketers.
  • Six out of ten people would rather watch web videos than watch television

As a realtor or real estate agent, it’s common to ask “How effective is video marketing? “Will it help my overall business goals?” It’s a resounding YES! In recent years, video marketing has become an integral aspect of many organizations’ marketing efforts. Below are some key benefits of real estate video marketing:

  • Book more meetings 
  • Save time
  • Drive more deals
  • Build strong connections
  • Generate leads
  • Display your properties
  • Explain things clearly

If you’re ready to implement video, we’ve put together a list of real estate video marketing ideas to help you get started.

Types Of Real Estate Video Marketing 


You have a lot of content alternatives to pick from when it comes to creating real estate films. Which style of video concept to pursue will be determined by the tone you want your company to project.

Client Testimonials (Word-of-mouth)

A great real estate video marketing is client testimonials. Allow your satisfied customers to do the talking for you by recording short customer testimonial films. Your loyal customers are your most effective brand ambassadors. A testimonial film allows your clients to tell the world how much they like working with you. 

Make it a practice to film short interviews with buyers at key moments in the buying process, such as when they make an offer when they close, and six months later.

You can ask questions like: 

  • What are your current feelings? 
  • A month ago, how did you feel?
  • What does this imply for you personally?
  • Would you tell a friend about me? Why?

Listing Video

Without listing videos, no aspect of real estate video marketing would be complete. Virtual tours are used to highlight and promote property listings in listing videos. First and foremost, property listing videos are essential. A listing video allows you to combine images, video clips, and text to tell the story of a property in a way that photos alone cannot. These films can be included in your listing, as well as on your website, social media accounts, and other places where you’re promoting your property.

“Just Sold” Video

Show off your accomplishments with videos of the homes you’ve sold. Homeowners who are considering listing their house with you can view these movies to get an idea of the kind of homes you’ve recently sold. It illustrates your ability to sell a home and highlights the types of properties you typically represent.

Promotional Video

Agency promotional videos are an opportunity for firms to stand out in real estate video marketing. They introduce the team, give a brief tour of the office, and provide insight into your company’s culture. 

Agent Profile Video

These videos are made to showcase a real estate agent’s personality, character, present social evidence, and demonstrate their worth as a team member. Agents that have developed a personal brand are already ahead of the competition. You can show them who you are as a person by demonstrating what you do to assist house buyers and sellers.

One of the best methods to give potential clients a sense of who you are and whether they’d like to work with you is to create a film about yourself. Use this movie to assist potential clients to associate your name with a face and personality. Include a headshot, any honours or prizes you’ve received, client testimonials, and, most importantly, your contact information.

How-To Video

How-to videos have flourished on social media platforms like YouTube in recent years. These movies help you build social proof and establish yourself as someone who actually cares about their customers. The goal is to communicate with them as an authority; provide practical advice on topics your audience will love while providing value and increasing lead generation. Questions like:

  • How to properly display a house for viewing?
  • During an open house, what minor details do potential buyers notice? 
  • What criteria should a first-time buyer consider while making a purchase?

Social Media Video

Social media real estate marketing videos differ from those found on YouTube or on your own website. They’re more concise and targeted to your target audience’s preferences. You should also think about the video’s format, as most of these are seen on mobile devices. To enhance lead generation, make sure to include your social media usernames in every video.

Live Stream

Live video is effective. It has the ability to connect businesses with new customers. The use of live streaming in real estate video marketing is the newest trend. With a live stream video, you’re able to host a virtual open house, conduct a question and answer session and display some beautiful neighbourhood videos. 

Year In Review 

What better way to end the year than with some amazing success stories video? “Year in Review” videos emphasize your accomplishments and how you achieved them. Include a slideshow showing the listings you’ve sold and the lovely open houses you’ve had. Include testimonials for social evidence, and don’t be afraid to be inventive. You definitely have a lot to be happy about while also generating new leads.

Educational Videos

You want to portray yourself as an expert while giving value to potential home buyers. Educational videos are a great way to teach your buyers what they need to know before making a deal. Make buying easier for your customers by teaching them how to negotiate. You can begin by posting a “Home Buying Tips” video for new home buyers in which you walk them through determining how much house they can afford, collecting several rate quotations, and repairing credit report errors. 

How To Make The Most Out Of Real Estate Video Marketing 

Photo by Donald Tong from Pexels

It’s one thing to understand the importance of video marketing to your overall real estate marketing efforts. It’s another thing to know how to make the most of our video marketing strategies and tactics. 

  • Use the right equipment
  • Dress the part 
  • Spend time in pre-production (planning phase)
  • Don’t use loud music
  • Write a script but don’t talk like a robot

Marketing Channels To Promote Real Estate Video

Creating amazing real estate videos is great, but if you’re unsure which platform or channel to market them to, you’ll not reap the full benefits. Here are 6 marketing channels to promote your real estate videos: 

  • Social media – this can be anything from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram to LinkedIn. Always give a detailed description and use relevant hashtags. 
  • Email marketing – this is a cost-effective way to stay top of mind and keep in touch with the existing ones. 
  • Real estate platforms – upload your videos to real estate platforms like Zoopla to give it that professional feel and look. 
  • Website: Share some personal details about yourself and your brand with your customers to build a stronger bond with them. 

Real Estate Video Marketing Tools

Now that you know the types of videos you should be creating, it’s time to get familiar with some tools. Try out some of these tools to help you create the best videos:

Next Steps

Photo by Canva Studio from Pexels

There you have it, the best real estate video marketing ideas to grow your real estate agency. Real estate video marketing helps you grow your business by generating new leads, increasing brand engagement, and providing a visually appealing and engaging approach to showcase listings to a large audience.

Need help getting with video marketing? We can help. Learn more about our services or schedule a free consultation to get started.

To get started making a real estate video, all you need are your images and video material, as well as a good real estate video editor.

Yes, video is a valuable tool that can aid in the sale of more property. With video marketing being the centre of 92% of businesses’ marketing strategies and video marketing boosting about 66% of qualified leads, video helps in the sale of houses.

The average cost of producing a real estate video is determined by the location, duration, tasks, and pre-and post-production complexity.

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