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Should You Outsource WordPress Web Design Or Do It Yourself?

Outsource WordPress Web Design

“Why outsource WordPress web design for thousands of dollars when you can do it yourself in less than five minutes? And you get to do that for a fraction of the price!”

You’ve probably seen many people advertising these statements on social media. For example, numerous people advertise on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even Twitter on how easy it is to build your website. 

But these people truly mean what they say. You can build your website for less than £75 using WordPress. And the site would function in the same way as when you outsource WordPress web design.

So why do people still hire WordPress web design services if that’s the case? This guide will show you why. And whether or not you should outsource WordPress web design or do it yourself. 

Let’s begin. 

What Is WordPress Outsourcing? 

WordPress outsourcing

Before we begin, let’s find out what WordPress outsourcing is. WordPress outsourcing is the process of hiring a WordPress specialist to take care of your website or blog. The process can be done in two ways – you can either hire a freelancer to do the work for you or outsource it to an agency.

Many benefits come with WordPress outsourcing, but one of the most important is focusing on your core areas. You’ll have to deal with any technical issues – all that will be taken care of by your outsourced WordPress expert.

To know more, check out this guide: A Fresh Look At WordPress Outsourcing: Why Your Company Needs It In 2022

Outsource WordPress Web Design: What Type Of Site Do You Need?

You must first evaluate what type of site best suits your business before deciding which option is ideal for you.

For example, the simplest site is a brochure site, which shows what your company does. A brochure site’s primary goal is to establish your online credibility and convey information to potential buyers through graphics, text, and video. 

It’s an excellent approach to display your mission, product examples, pricing, and contact information. 

On the other hand, you’ll need an e-commerce site if you manage financial transactions. An e-commerce site is more sophisticated since it must process payments and allow you to add, change or remove services and products effortlessly.

The Website Is The Business 

For some companies, the website is the business itself. Web applications include online fax services, project management software, and pricing comparison engines, to name a few. 

Generally, you can use a CMS to create brochure sites and even e-commerce sites. 

However, it’s something you should give to a WordPress outsourcing agency to handle. But expect to spend thousands of Euros on custom apps that work well and functions seamlessly. 

Some websites like Amazon offer both e-commerce and a software application. A hybrid site that’ll process a vast number of information and requests should be designed by a professional unless you’re an expert in WordPress website design.

How Important Is Your Website To Your Business? 

WordPress web design

Some businesses don’t rely on websites to earn most of their revenue. A good example is a consultant. Your business is built chiefly on current relationships. So a simple brochure website should suffice if your website generates less than 20% of your total revenue.

If your site is expected to make substantial revenue, it’ll most likely be through a website with different user expectations that performs several functions. 

Even though your website is simple, it’s advisable to outsource WordPress web design if it’ll be the source of the majority of your revenue.

Now, with that said, we’ll go through six points to help you decide if you need to outsource WordPress web design or do it yourself. 

Outsource WordPress Web Design: Building The Site Yourself Vs. Hiring A Pro. 

WordPress is popular among business owners because it’s an affordable and straightforward content management system. Your design is also under your control. But, on the other hand, hiring WordPress web design services can be a wise decision for your company. 

Because your website is such an important marketing tool, it’s only natural to engage a professional to make sure it’s appealing and competitive. When you work with an agency, you gain access to their knowledge and experience.

Let’s go through some points and find out what’s best for your company. 

Consider Budget; It Plays A Significant Role

Building The Website Yourself 

The most compelling reason to do it yourself is to save money. Annual payment options with domain name registration and hosting are available from web builders. In addition, because security is included in your subscription, there’ll be no monthly maintenance expenses. 

So, if you’re tight on cash and want to save money at any cost, you should build the site yourself.

Hiring A Pro

You need an initial investment to outsource WordPress web design services. But the improved possibility of success it provides justifies the expense. For example, a customised brochure site can range from about €1,500 to €7,000. 

The point is that quality websites and design aren’t cheap. However, it looks legit, professional, and works great. And as you probably know, the first user first impression counts. 

After all, 88% of online buyers are less inclined to come back to your website after a bad experience, and 38% will abandon your site if the design is unappealing.

So your website must attract your customers, and WordPress web design services are one sure way to do that. 

Your Expertise Matters A Lot

WordPress web design services

Building The Website Yourself 

After you get used to WordPress, they’re effortless to use. You don’t need any HTML or CSS coding experience to build the website. Building a site yourself is usually your best bet if you have tech and design expertise.

Hiring A Pro

One compelling reason to outsource WordPress web design services is the several features a website needs. Image optimisation, proper heading elements, plugin or code knowledge, SEO and responsive design are all aspects that your website should have. 

WordPress web design agencies have the knowledge and experience needed to complete your job successfully. When you outsource WordPress web design services, you’ll get a high-quality, dynamic, and appealing site.

Consider The Strategy and Website Design

Building The Website Yourself 

Although all WordPress come with pre-designed themes, your brand should stand out from the crowd. So unless you don’t care about a unique style, you’ll want to change your template to make it stand out. 

You’re good to go if you have design and marketing experience. However, if that isn’t your strong suit, consider hiring WordPress web design services to help you brand your company. They can also optimise your site for the best conversion rates and optimal customer experience. 

Hiring A Pro 

A well-considered and thoroughly studied digital strategy will lay the groundwork for long-term success. A digital strategist will analyse your business model and design tailored to your target audience while keeping your goals in mind.

They may implement SEO strategies to improve your search results and customer attraction potential.

Complexity and Customisation Of The Website

Building The Website Yourself 

When it comes to customisation, other DIY builders like Wix are limited. This option can benefit you because you’ll not have to choose from numerous choices. 

This could be the appropriate choice for your business if you don’t require anything too complicated with specific functionality or extensive customisation, such as a landing page. But that’s not the same with WordPress. 

You’ll only be limited by the amount of knowledge you have on WordPress. So you have lots of choices to choose from. So if you know what you want, it shouldn’t be a problem; WordPress is customisation-friendly. 

Hiring A Pro 

When you outsource WordPress web design services, they’ll develop a customised website that’s tailored to your needs and geared to help you achieve your goals. Your website will be the most appealing representation of your brand. 

You’ll get access to seasoned professionals with innovative ideas and technological know-how. They walk you through their tried-and-true approach for creating a one-of-a-kind website. 

Essentially, they take care of your project’s design and technical aspects while you concentrate on your business.

Security And Support

Building The Website Yourself 

Even though WordPress is open source software, you can still secure your site. Of course, if only you know the right plugins to use. If you know what to do, then you’re good to go. 

Hiring A Pro 

If you want to keep your website secure, you must update your code, and websites must have fresh content to stay relevant. If you don’t maintain plugins updated or have security measures in place, you’ll be more exposed to hackers and flaws. 

Outsource WordPress Web Design: Final Thoughts 

If you want to know whether to build your website yourself or outsource WordPress web design services, the points outlined in this guide will help you. When you outsource WordPress web design services, you save time and all the stress you’d have gone through. 

A WordPress outsourcing agency can create your site quickly and efficiently. Also, they can build site functionalities such as a contact form, etc. 

That eliminates the need to book appointments over the phone or via back-and-forth email. 

Your company will run smoothly as a result. 

That said, if you want to build a website that drives traffic and increases your ROI, LiftedWP can help. We ensure that your site is SEO-optimized, and we also create high-quality SEO-driven content that ranks on Google. 

Schedule a free consultation today, and let’s find out how we can help you grow your business! 

WordPress Web Design FAQs

HTML is a better alternative if your website doesn’t require regular updates, upgrades, or more information. Also, HTML makes your website operate seamlessly. However, WordPress is the best choice to grow and update your business website regularly.

WordPress is a better alternative if you want the choice to choose from thousands of layouts, avoid paying monthly fees to developers to add graphics and other material and control your website. On the other hand, HTML makes sense if you know how to code and can avoid paying developers.

A WordPress web designer is someone who designs websites using the WordPress CMS. They are also responsible for maintaining website content and ensuring it’s up-to-date with the latest trends in web design.

They focus on your branding and visual components. You have unlimited possibilities with a WordPress website. However, you’ll need a competent WordPress design and development team to bring your idea to life.

WordPress is the most popular website platform globally, with most CMS users choosing it as their preferred platform. 

If you want to create a stunning website using WordPress, we recommend LiftedWP. Let’s work together to grow your business! 

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