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UK Life Coach Blog Post Ideas: 800+ Questions your audience ask Google every day

If you’re a life coach, you should definitely have a blog on your website.

You have a wealth of expertise that potential customers are eager to learn from. Content marketing enables you to interact with those clients as well as establish you as a thought leader in your field, which ultimately builds trust and increases your conversion rate.

In fact, content marketing produces 3x times the number of leads as traditional marketing efforts.

One of the major methods to increase your traffic via search engine optimization (SEO) for your coaching business is content marketing, namely blogging. SEO and blogging work together to boost a website’s search engine rankings.

higher search engine rankings = more traffic to your site.

That is most likely why businesses who blog receive 55% more website views than those that do not invest in content creation.
Furthermore, visitors tend to stay on a website that features a blog for a longer period of time. What is the significance of this? Because search engines use “time on page” when determining which websites to display in top rankings.

According to Hubspot, marketers who prioritize business blogging are 13x more likely to get a positive ROI over time compared to their competitors.

If you don’t have a blog yet but want to start one, here are 800+ life coach blog post ideas categorised into 14 highly searched subtopics that you can leverage to grow your organic traffic!

The icing on the cake: these are questions people are already actively looking for on Google every single day.

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Topic 2: Social Media

Topic 3: Online Course

Topic 4: Communication Skills

Topic 5: Personal Development

Topic 6: Professional Development

Topic 7: Life Coach Certification

Topic 8: Life Coach Uk

Topic 9: Limiting Beliefs

Topic 10: Personal Goals

Topic 11: Life Coach Online

Topic 12: Life Coaching Services

Topic 13: Achieving Your Goals

Topic 14: Full Potential

Conclusion (UK Life Coach Blog Post Ideas)

As you can see, there is no end to the things you may write about on your blog. Use your creativity to create something useful. You don’t need to write a dissertation; all you need to do is: 1) blog about what people are already looking for and 2) provide value in each of your posts.

Hopefully, this was informative and you’re now better armed to take the right steps to grow your website’s traffic organically.

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