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A Fresh Look At WordPress Outsourcing: Why Your Company Needs It In 2022

WordPress Outsourcing

Do you know that it takes about 0.05 seconds for a user to judge your website? Whether they stay or not depends on how good your site is. If your site needs improvement, WordPress outsourcing can help. Outsourcing WordPress services can make a significant difference in your business. 

There’s been a constant debate about outsourcing a WordPress development agency or using an in-house team. Both sides have compelling arguments to back up their positions. But the truth is more complicated.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when choosing between outsourcing WordPress and in-house work. Outsourcing is not a business strategy in and of itself. 

Instead, your company’s business plan will determine whether to use white label service providers or WordPress Outsourcing companies, your in-house team or both. That will help in the long-term success of your business. 

This guide will show you what you need to know about WordPress outsourcing. 

 Why You Should Consider WordPress Outsourcing 

WordPress outsourcing

1. WordPress Outsourcing Companies Offer Regular Support 

Unfortunately, there’s a high chance you’ll still have issues when the website is done. Although most of these issues are small, some are rather serious, such as a malfunctioning payment gateway.

But when you work with a dedicated WordPress development agency, you’ll get technical support regularly. In most instances, the agency you partner with will resolve any concerns effectively.

2. WordPress Services Allow Your In-House Team To Focus on Other Projects

If you try to manage all of your WordPress demands yourself, you’ll be wasting time and resources. Meanwhile, your team could have been using that time to focus on your company’s core operations.

This is particularly true if you have a small company with staff with many projects. For example, your customer service staff shouldn’t work on your website development. Instead, they should be more effective at taking care of your clients. 

3. Gives You High-Quality Results 

If your staff doesn’t have web design experience or web development, WordPress maintenance, etc. experience, you’ll get low-quality results. 

And if you do it yourself, it’ll take you more time and produce lower-quality results than if you hire a WordPress pro.

Fortunately, when you hire a WordPress services agency to handle your demands, you’ll be far more likely to get the outcomes you want. 

4. WordPress Outsourcing Offers Efficiency in the Long Run

You’ll need someone to administer your WordPress site effectively, as you might expect. Not only once a week or once a month, but on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to ensure that problems don’t arise.

Because downtime can hurt client satisfaction, revenue, and other factors, you’ll want to keep it to a minimum.

A WordPress expert will assist you in completing the task quickly.

5. Safety and Security

WordPress services

Although many consumers are unsure whether or not to pay for WordPress services, the added protection that comes with a WordPress pro can’t be overlooked.

Unfortunately, the value of cybercrime is almost $6 trillion. So sensitive corporate data is now more than ever in danger.

Outsourcing WordPress can help you keep your website as safe as possible. They’ll keep an eye out for security vulnerabilities, adapt to new threats as they emerge, respond quickly to any difficulties that arise.

In summary: 

Companies are always looking to improve their efficiency, productivity, expertise, and, most crucially, profit margins. But, they must also strive to reduce costs as much as possible.

By depending on the expertise of WordPress services to execute a specific assignment, you can focus your resources and abilities on more profitable projects, increasing your profit and productivity. 

White Label Outsourcing Services: Should You Use Them? 

White-label services ensure that only your brand appears on the finished product. And it doesn’t matter if a freelancer or WordPress services did it. 

Make sure to negotiate the contract’s branding and disclosure conditions. This is beneficial to your brand and will safeguard your customers. It also ensures that you and your contractor’s obligation for ensuring that the job is of high quality. 

However, you’ll be responsible for any issues that arise. And your contractor won’t be liable to make things right. 

So how do you make sure it doesn’t affect your brand? Strike a partnership. 

Develop A Long-Term Agreement

White-label services are ideal for high-volume WordPress services with numerous, steady projects that require WordPress outsourcing companies. 

It’d be ideal for you and your contractor to develop a long-term relationship and come to an arrangement that benefits both parties. 

WordPress Outsourcing Companies: What Projects Can You Outsource?

You should have sufficient knowledge and experience in WordPress website development. But you can have WordPress professionals do it for you. 

Some of the most common tasks that you can outsource are:

WordPress Installation and Setup 

Although WordPress setup and installation appear to be simple, in some cases, you may need to delegate the task, for example, to save resources and time.

Converting to WordPress 

Among various WordPress teams, this may be the most popular outsource WordPress assignment. 

A WordPress expert, for example, can help you achieve the maximum design and the effective use of plugins and elements to transform your design using Sketch, Photoshop, or Adobe XD.

Web design 

WordPress development agency

Expert designers do web design work with years of industry expertise. Outsourcing web design work to a WordPress pro helps you get the best designs that attract clients. 

WordPress Maintenance and Support 

When dealing with increasing workloads, simple things like addressing a client’s question can become a problem. So you can outsource a WordPress development agency and delegate routine maintenance, like upgrades, to development teams.

WordPress Outsourcing: What You Should Not Outsource 

Outsourcing WordPress services are ideal if you don’t know much about them. Or if you know but lack the time required to accomplish the project. If it’s the former, having a fundamental understanding of the essence of what you want to be done is still necessary.

This could involve a fundamental understanding of WordPress and how it functions. If your project is solely about development, some coding experience of the language you want can also be beneficial.

Suppose you run a development team and are considering outsourcing some of your work to WordPress outsourcing companies. In that case, you probably have a thorough understanding of your WordPress plugin or app.

However, remember that the WordPress development agency may take some time to gain the same level of understanding and familiarity with your product.

Finding The Right WordPress Outsourcing Agency 

Before you outsource any project, there are three things to consider. Let’s go through them briefly. 

1. Identify Your Company’s Competitive Advantage 

First, what is a competitive advantage? Competitive advantage distinguishes your goods or services from all other options (or competitors) available to a customer.

You don’t need to outsource all your projects to meet your client’s expectations. But choosing to outsource no work at all will cause inefficiencies in your workflow.

 It’s not a bad thing. 

The issue isn’t about whether you have an in-depth understanding of how WordPress works or not. Instead, it’s about whether you have the time and effort to devote to each task to create equally valuable outcomes.

You have a unique strength that stands out from your competitors. If you use that exceptional skill, you have a cost advantage. That means you can accomplish the task for less than what it costs other outsourcing agencies to do. 

2. Analyze The WordPress Outsourcing Agency’s Expertise

WordPress outsourcing companies

The choice to outsource is, in general, part of a collaborative corporate plan. You can locate your speciality and tailor your services to meet it if you want your company to boost its online presence. 

You can outsource anything that doesn’t fit into that speciality if you find the right agency. Finding the right WordPress company, on the other hand, can be challenging.

Your outsourcing partners must exhibit expertise and integrity from the start to deliver tangible outcomes. In addition, you must have trust in your agency’s ability to finish their side of the project on schedule and within budget.

 3. What Areas Should You Outsource? 

You can choose activities to outsource after knowing what your company performs best and at the lowest cost. But, of course, there’s no limit to what areas of your company need outsourcing. 

But most businesses begin with a single project and expand from there.

 Also, if your company isn’t skilled in a particular area, outsourcing WordPress services would be ideal. 

Hiring an in-house professional with a specialized skill set for a single project makes no sense. This is especially true when considering the high-end wages that highly skilled programmers might command.

As part of a white label agency, highly specialized programmers frequently sell their services on a project-by-project basis. This is an affordable way to hire an employee full-time. And it ensures that you, your client, and the WordPress outsourcing agency benefit. 

How To Create A Well-Planned WordPress Project Brief 

When working with WordPress outsourcing companies, make sure to: 

  • how much money you’ve budgeted for the project,
  • communicate what you’re looking for, and 
  • when you anticipate it to be completed.

You’ll find all this information in the project brief. Besides that, there are several things you should include in your project brief: 

Let’s go through each of them. 

Write Your Project Goals As Clear As Possible

If you’re outsourcing part of your work, you’ll need to know what you want to accomplish. 

If you’re unsure or don’t know whether services, tools, or technology might be a good fit, describe your intended outcome in more detail. If possible, include some examples to help the WordPress services agency recommend the ideal option.

You Should Have A Realistic Budget 

Outsourcing WordPress

You should have a clear idea of “what” and “why” your project is critical to your business goals. To save time, it’s a good idea to write down the budget or budget range in your project brief.


You should have a realistic deadline for your outsourcing projects. You should also know how much you’d spend on an outsourced project. This helps the WordPress outsourcing agency set realistic schedules, ultimately benefiting both parties. 

Know Who You’re Targeting

Whether you’re creating a new website, e-commerce, a landing page, website design, etc., know who your target audience is. That will help the outsourcing agency to produce high-quality work tailored to that specific audience. 

Research Your Competitors 

It’s also a good idea to be aware of your client’s competitors. This might help you define critical aspects that will distinguish the new website. 

You can search your competitor’s websites and unique selling characteristics. Then, learn from them and determine what makes them successful, including their flaws. 

Noting down customer pain points that your competitors have overlooked allows you to address those difficulties in your design. Also, make sure to include links and reference notes to ensure that nothing is left unclear.

Don’t Undermine The WordPress Outsourcing Agency’s Experience. 

This point is crucial. You need help from these experts. And even if you’re the one paying them, there’s no reason to be disrespectful to them. Some of the statements you should try to avoid include: 

  • This project should be simple 
  • The project should only take a few minutes.
  • I can complete these in a few hours. 

These red flags alert WordPress outsourcing companies to avoid working with you. 

WordPress Outsourcing FAQs

First, it’s critical to define the types of WordPress projects you’ll be working on and the experts you’ll need. The kind of WordPress projects will determine the levels of expertise required. For example, mid-sized projects with features may require some front-end or back-end expertise.

WordPress outsourcing gives you access to project managers, programmers, UX/UI designers, and creatives worldwide who can help you complete your project. To put together a team like that, you’d have to invest a lot of time and money in finding the proper people, onboarding them, and putting them together as a cohesive unit. Outsourcing saves you money, time, and resources.

Successful outsourcing requires planning, including specifications, schedule, and readily available resources. So the first stage is to specify your project’s requirements. That way, your WordPress services agency can develop complete, accurate, and practical information on which to build a cost estimate. And also put in place the necessary people and material resources.

There are several factors to consider in outsourcing WordPress agencies. Some include pricing, cost savings, the agency’s ability to meet deadlines, technology and resources, etc. Check this guide for more.

Yes, you can. You can create a custom WordPress theme by converting the front end (CSS, HTML, and javascript). You can get rid of the PHP section. WordPress generates tables that are required to function and manage the website.

However, before you begin, know that you’ll handle the content, plugins, updates, themes, download legit themes, etc. If you can do all that (and more), you can manage your site. If it’s too much to handle, schedule a free consultation with us and we’ll gladly assist you.

Final Thoughts 

If you’re just getting started with WordPress outsourcing, there are many new things to think about. Many of these will ultimately influence your output, money, time. Find out if your project is well-defined.

Also, make sure to include additional resources to help the outsourcing agency better understand what you want. 

WordPress has been around for about two decades. And it has evolved significantly over the years, with each WordPress version offering new and enhanced functionality. 

The WordPress ecosystem is vast, with WordPress powering over 40% of all websites on the internet today. So if you need the best WordPress experts to work on your project, contact LiftedWP. 

We have the best teams who’ll work with you to ensure that your KPIs are met. 

Contact us today! 

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