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Why Does Your Site’s Core Web Vitals Score Matter?

Core Web Vitals (CWV) evaluate the speed, responsiveness, and visual stability of pages on your site. Google and other search engines give more and more weight to this factor in their ranking algorithms. Therefore, a bad score can severely impact your website’s traffic by lowering your rankings & increasing your Google Ads CPC (Cost Per Click).

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Head of Marketing at Marisa Peer

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Chris Lier
Founder at LeadCube Media

Meeting Junior and his behind the scenes team has been fantastic. I feel confident he will have me on the first page of google by february 2022. Thank you! Highly recommend.
Beanie Robinson
Owner at TheHealth Space

LiftedWP turned my site into a conversion machine. I used to spend so much money on Google ads to get nothing else but clicks with no conversions. The results are spectacular!
Andrea Yearey
Owner at Pebble

Core Web Vitals Optimization FAQs

CWV are three indicators that rate a user’s experience loading a webpage. These metrics rate the following: the speed with which page content loads, the stability with which the material loads in the browser and the speed with which a browser loads a webpage can respond to a user’s input. 

Improving your first loading speed is critical because it’s the leading cause of people leaving your site.

If you want to know how to improve CWV, reduce the amount of JavaScript (JS) executed. If your FID score is low, it suggests your page interacts with users for more than 300 milliseconds. 

Lazy loading should also be implemented. Images should be optimised and compressed. Make sure your images and embeds are the correct sizes. Improve the speed with which your server responds. If you need help with your Google web vitals, contact us today

DevTools for Chrome Chrome DevTools is a developer tool pre-installed with the Chrome browser. Right-click and select “Inspect,” and Chrome DevTools will launch to access it. 

You may examine some of the Google Core Web Vitals metrics using the Chome DevTools Performance panel. This may sound a bit technical; if you need help, you can schedule a free consultation with us. 

Yes. It’s important. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) is relevant for CWV SEO. It’s now a ranking factor. That means your CLS score (together with the FID and LCP measures) will have an impact on your SEO. As a result, CLS optimisation should be a top priority in your SEO approach.

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